Friday, February 05, 2010

The Start of Something New

Posted by Mandy at 9:33 AM
I keep telling myself that she's just a "normal" girl... but,  I have major butterflies in my stomach. I feel an immense amount of pressure to be super normal, and perfect. With what she's been through in life, how can I be anything but amazing for her? With her sad idea of what a normal family is like, what if mine also proves to be disappointing?

This weekend Madison and I will have our first play date with a child that's "in the system." A child that was taken from her home, a child that I have heard is an amazingly sweet and loving kid.

I keep reassuring myself that a lunch date at the place of her choice isn't that big of a deal. That if she chooses to come over to play afterwards - that I'll just supervise everything and we'll act like everything's normal. Just like if it was a typical friend from school. My heart's ache for her and her situation is the difference.

I don't want her to feel that I look at her with sadness or with feelings of "you poor thing." I just want her, if only for a few hours, to feel normal. Is that possible? Please be in prayer with me that tomorrow, a little girl so deserving of an amazing life, will simply feel normal.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it doesnt breed envy for what she may never have for herself...

Mandy on Friday, 05 February, 2010 said...

I have much faith that this child will be blessed with a home of her own, in one way or another. If not, I don't think it's a great idea to discourage ppl from investing in abused/orphaned/neglected kids' lives b/c it 'might' make them wish they could always live like that.

Anonymous said...

No,not at all.That wasnt what I was saying at all,but as one of those children formally,myself.I remember feeling that way when I visited my friends who had "normal" lives.

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