Monday, June 25, 2007


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Carter finally asked to hold Samuel a few days ago. He's only wanted to hold him once since then but it was nice to actually get a picture of the two boys together. I've yet to get one of all three kids together... Carter isn't into sitting still for things like that. When I have more energy I am going to take them all outside and hopefully I'll get some good ones that way.

We took Samuel for his one week checkup last week, on Wednesday. He was 7 pounds 10 ounces when we left the hospital and Wednesday he was back up to 7lbs 15oz... I'm excited to see what he'll weigh this wednesday when we go back. He kept me up ALL night last night eating so I'm guessing this is his first growth spurt and he'll start packing on the pounds from here on out. It's pretty exhausting... but I'm hopeful in a few days he'll settle down and be back to his usual good sleeping self. (praying that is...)

The kids have Vacation Bible School this week and the first night was yesterday. They had such a good time. I'll have to take my camera and get some pictures to share. Carter refused to dress up in costume but he did at least participate in the singing, dancing, and other activities. They have a group just for the little kids so they don't have to sit through the lessons and such... great idea! The kids were totally exhausted when we got home from it, which was another bonus. Easiest bedtime ever! Carter did get up at 5am this morning for some reason though... and at 2pm he's STILL awake.. I'm not sure how he'll make it through VBS tonight. We may have to drop Madison off and just keep the boys at home. I think us being there last night stressed Sam too... I do think it contributed to his really awful night last night. He doesn't seem to enjoy being held for some reason.. at least not for hours on end like he was last night. Each time we've had company and he's held a lot he is really fussy the rest of the night. Who'd have thought I'd end up with a kid that does BETTER laying in his own bed? Hopefully keeping him home and in his usual routine will let our night go better tonight. One can hope!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Totally blessed

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Here is our little man... Samuel Dean. Words cannot describe my feelings for him and my 'new' family. I feel totally overwhelmed with joy and love! I can't count how many times I've said "thank you God!" since in the operating room when I heard his first cry. I can't count the number of times I've burst into tears of happiness just from looking at him and feeling him breathing on my neck. Seeing Madison and Carter with him is amazing. Madison is completely in love with him and holds him constantly. Carter, last night, told me, "I love that baby, Mommy." (he calls him "baby" or "that baby" rather than Samuel. lol) He doesn't want to hold him but he's started patting his back or touching him on his own throughout the day now.

Obviously everything went well with his birth. I wasn't even afraid in the O. R.... I was wide awake and so excited. I felt him being pulled out of my stomach and he immediately started screaming. I started bawling.. I was so relieved to hear such a big cry. When the doctor held him up I was so shocked at what a familiar face it was.. he looks so much like both his big sister and brother. He has a head full of dark hair.. just not quite as much as his siblings had. (which I'm happy with since he's a boy!) He is absolutely perfect in every way. He is so easy! Almost too easy! You have to pick him up just to hold him because he never cries unless he's hungry. He's content to just sit or lay wherever he is most of the time. He's a great eater and nursing has gone without a hitch. He's such a good sleeper that I often have to try to wake him up to feed him when he gets close to 3/4 hours without food. It's crazy to me that he's so calm! I'm so surprised at how much he weighed with being only 38 weeks when he was born. 8lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches. He's nicely filled out. :)

I'm feeling great.. this birth has been so easy! I got to keep my epidural in place until the next afternoon so I was 100% pain free for a long time after the surgery. Once it was taken out my pain was still minimal. I'm up and around pretty well! I'm up for company for sure if any of you all would like to come for a visit. My kids would probably enjoy it too. (especially if you bring food... hint hint lol) So, everyone here is doing great and I feel completely blessed. My house is finally complete... I am so thankful!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rescheduled... one week until birthday!

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I had my checkup yesterday and we've moved my csection date up to June 13... as in ONE WEEK from today! I'm suddenly having a lot of contractions, my blood pressure is creeping up, so on and so on. Not to mention my doctor is going to Orlando, FL on the 14th and won't be back until the 17th.. if I go into labor in that time a different doctor will be doing my csection... not okay with that! So, I'll be a little over 38 weeks on June 13... definitely considered full term but I'm still nervous about it. I just want him to be healthy. The way I'm going right now though just making it until the 13th will be a good thing. I'm trying to sit still so I won't contract so often but it's hard to be still when you're nervous about an upcoming surgery and birth and nesting has kicked in big time! I wish Clayton could just take off of work for the next week so I never have to be alone with just my kids and my thoughts. I sat on the couch bawling my eyes out as I was folding towels this afternoon for no apparent reason.. I guess I'm emotionally a little overwhelmed. I'm getting really scared about the Csection (even though I really think it will go fine.. it's still scary!) and I'm so emotional about finally meeting Samuel! It seems like we've been waiting on him forever and now we're only one week away from holding him! I feel like next Wednesday will never "really" come and I'll just remain pregnant forever. Isn't it funny how you convince yourself of that EVERY time? lol Thankfully Carter has only had one potty accident so at least I haven't been on my hands and knees scrubbing floors today... my body really cannot handle that anymore. My daughter is being fairly pouty and is quite frankly a little on my nerves... probably b/c mommy hurts too much to do anything really cool and fun with her... nonetheless I'm not in the mood for an attitude today. My brain is swirling non-stop and I'm making myself crazy... I'm just ready to get this surgery over with, my baby safely in my arms and HOME, and life to get on the road to a new normal. And, have I mentioned that my daughter is getting on my nerves...?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

"It's a good thing I'm cute."

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Oh my son... he's been potty trained for a solid 8 months or so. I don't know if the baby coming is interfering with his making it to the potty or if he's just decided to be '3' and pee everywhere again. I've discovered that as long as I make him go potty once or twice an hour, no accidents happen. Problem is.. sometimes I forget.. and then he 'forgets' and typically ends up peeing in madison's room in his chair. (can I tell you how tired clayton and I are of taking the chair outside to scrub it down with the water hose and laundry detergent?) The past few days have been a lot better... lots of reminding, lots of praise for keeping his pants dry, you know the drill. Yesterday I noticed the bathroom had a pee like smell. I know, it's a bathroom.. but come on.. it shouldn't actually smell of urine. I figured that Carter must have just peed a little out of the potty so I asked Clayton to scrub the bottom of the camode and behind it. He did... and the smell persisted. Not only did the smell persist, but by this afternoon it was much worse. I went in and scrubbed the entire camode.. inside and out. Didn't help. I pick up the rug and realize that it reeks of pee! Ugh.. he must have REALLY missed the potty and just peed right on the rug! So I tossed it outside to be cleaned tomorrow. (same drill as cleaning the chair) I figured that would surely fix the smell... nope. I finally went all out! I mopped, scrubbed baseboards, cabinents, everything! I think I finally defeated the smell. All of this from a 3yr old that can no longer make it to the potty on time. *sigh* I hope this phase passes soon... it's like having a puppy! I've said several times since my little man was born.. "It's a good thing you're so cute.."

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