Monday, February 22, 2010

School to Moms: No more PJ's!

Posted by Mandy at 7:27 AM

A school in England is telling moms to stop dressing down when bringing kids to school. No PJ's! You can read a bit about that here.

Basically, after witnessing 50 mothers bring their children to school "not properly dressed" the school's principal felt compelled to send a letter home to instruct parents to wear proper attire when dropping kids off in the mornings. He said,
“People don’t go to see a lawyer, bank manager or doctor dressed in pajamas, so why do they think it’s okay to drop their children off at school dressed like that?”
 My question is, "How does he know how I dress to go to the doctor or to the bank?"

Now, I see his point. I do try to put on a pair of jeans and at least a decent shirt to drop my kids off at school each  morning. Seeing that I'm one of the fortunate few that doesn't have to be "at work" first thing in the morning, I take full advantage of that. My hair will be in a ponytail and if I find time to throw on some powder and mascara; consider yourself lucky. Perhaps as my youngest child gets older, I'll find more time to get ready needlessly each morning to simply drop my kids off and come home and work on the computer or train dogs all day. Let's not forget the proper clothing required to mop juice off of the floor and clean bathtubs...

I could see this argument if parents were sending their kids to school inappropriately dressed. I do think that getting up and putting on 'real' clothes can set a better pace for the day.. for me it signals "okay, lazy time is over - time to get to work!" However, if I choose to look like a slob when I drop my kids off at school... what's it to ya? Maybe my everyday clothes just LOOK like PJs? I know my dog walking clothes can certainly resemble clothes I might wear to lounge around the house. A long-sleeved tee, yoga pants, and tennis shoes. (and of course, the ponytail.) For what I'm doing after dropping kids off, that IS appropriate.

What do you think? Should a school be able to dictate how PARENTS look when dropping kids off at school?


Stacie on Monday, 22 February, 2010 said...

My biggest fear in dropping KL off when, like this morning, we are really late and I throw something on not fully appropriate is that I will have a fender-bender or get pulled over by a cop for accidently doing something stupid. That just seems like my luck to me, haha!

Confessions From A Working Mom on Monday, 22 February, 2010 said...

This is a HOT debate. I mean, I spent most of my college years attending classes in my pajamas... so why not drop my daughter off for school (when she is old enough) in my pj's too?

I think it's a parents perogative, especially if it's PUBLIC school.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Mandy on Monday, 22 February, 2010 said...

Stacie, do you know that I met some of my husbands colleagues in that very manner?! A young guy ran a stop sign and nearly T-boned my car when Carter was a toddler and clayton was fairly new to the state police. When a call goes out that a Trooper's wife was in a wreck, EVERYONE shows up. Dear God... I wasn't injured badly at all.. but I looked horrible! No makeup, in my pj's, totally sleep deprived... what a great first impression!

Sun-Kissed Scholars on Monday, 22 February, 2010 said...

Hmmm... I don't think the school has a right to give a dress code UNLESS you are entering the school. In that case, no PJs please.

And, really, the people that show up at Wal-Mart in pajamas... gah, really? Is it that hard to pull on sweats at least? I actually saw a woman in pjs and a ROBE the other day, walking out of WMart, firing up her cigarette. And we wonder why Arkansas has a bad rep? GET DRESSED, lady.
But, again, it's her decision to look like a total slob. Whatever. Doesn't make a good impression, but if she doesn't care, I don't suppose I should either.

Mandy on Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 said...

lol Wendy!! Oh girl I know it.

Have you seen that website (I have NO idea what it is) that has nothing but pictures of people dressed ridiculously AT WALMART? I'll have to ask my husband where it is because he is always saving the pictures and showing me later. Hilarious!

peony on Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 said...

How strange you mention this now... As I am having the worst sinus infection added to a pretty bad cold, my office agreed to let me work from home for a few days (tranylation still needs to be done, but y germs are not needed)...anyway, There were mornings when I just pulled an extra set of training pants and a hoodie over my PJs to walk my boy to school...

Deb on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 said...

Sheesh...only the Brittish. They should be more concerned about the education for the children and less concerned on how mum looks dropping them off. They could be having problems like this Rhode Island school (

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