Monday, February 08, 2010

Sex Sells

Posted by Mandy at 8:17 AM
We had a few friends over to watch the Super  Bowl last night, and thankfully as we watched the Saints win, our children were busy playing with their friends and not paying a lick of attention.

I remember watching this ball game every year with my dad, stepmom, and brothers. I don't recall  my dad ever having to mute the TV or quickly change the channel because of inappropriate content. Welcome to the future!

I was really appauled at some of the sexual content of a lot of the commercials. Especially the infamous ones presented by Go Daddy. It seems that the days of families gathering around the TV to cheer on their teams might become a thing of the past. I would have certainly been highly upset if my children would have seen any that.

Is there really no such thing as good family entertainment anymore? I know that sex sells, and that as adults we have the right to watch what we want - I'm cool with that. However, I'd have to assume that most people would find it highly offensive for Nick Jr. to run ads like the ones mentioned because you KNOW children are watching. Should not the same be assumed for sports? Am I off my rocker here?


Reagan on Monday, 08 February, 2010 said...

No. You are SO not off your rocker. The Super Bowl is billed as family entertainment (and it happens during the hours when children are awake).

I am growing increasingly disappointed with the treatment of women, sex, and intimacy in our culture. I was raised to think that intimacy was special and sacred and that my body was for the enjoyment of my husband. I hate that my husband has to turn his head so he doesn't have to see the chest of some actress (but BOY do I appreciate his discipline to do so).

It will be very hard to teach our children that they are valuable regardless of their looks, they sexuality, or their finances when our culture tells them the opposite.

Way to put up a fight!

Sun-Kissed Scholars on Tuesday, 09 February, 2010 said...

You are right on. My girlfriends and I brought all of our kids here while the men watched the game at another house. We had a great time, but it shouldn't have been necessary.

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