Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't Fret - I am Alive

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I had to laugh at some of the recent emails I've gotten from my blog friends that never see me in real life.

"Are you okay? Are you alive? Where are you?!"

Yes, Yes, and I'm here.

With the kids starting school, and me hitting my writing job hard, I just have little time or brain power left for blogging. When you write for a living.. it can make it very tough to write just for enjoyment.

I figured it would be appropriate to start back after my bloggy break to let everyone know the crazy stuff that's been going on for us lately.

1. Foster Care Stuff - we found out yesterday that the much awaited finger prints are now sitting at the DHS office in Little Rock. Apparently they've been there for two weeks. Just sitting. That's all we're waiting for.. and they're just sitting around collecting dust. Apparently getting foster homes approved are not a top priority to everyone in DHS.

2. House Stuff - Our house is for sale, and we have someone trying to buy it right now! This totally rocks because we've decided to forego building for now, b/c a great house is on the market that we'd like to buy. If this works out we'll be moving from our 1513sqft, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom home into a 3,000 sqft, 5 (or 6) bedroom, 3 bathroom home. Yes.. I know. That's quite a drastic difference.

When I first saw this house I just thought, "This is EXACTLY what we need to foster children. EXACTLY." Great neighborhood, in town, big lot (almost an acre), and BIG SPACE. It's a definite fixer-upper... which I'm hoping scares everyone else away. As long as the major things turn out okay, I can live with ugly. We can remodel a little at a time... I don't need to be glamorous. I just want to make sure that we're able to say "yes" to fostering if we feel led to, and aren't limited by bedrooms and square footage. If we say 'no' I want it to be b/c we don't feel led at that time... not because we can't.

Everything else is pretty much life as usual. Proud of my kids and how well school is going for them, enjoying work and still shocked that I got hired for this gig, and I'm really excited about everything God is doing right now. If our house sells this fast (it's only been for sale for like 2 weeks) then it will no doubt point directly to God. I've basically thrown my hands in the air with this... "God, if you want us to have that other house, then you make it happen. I can't handle stressing about this right now!" We'll see where he directs our path.

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