Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brain? Hello?

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I am 100% in Baby Land right now... which is the pregnant woman's version of "La La Land." 2 weeks and 4 days to go until the Csection date.. and it's "almost" all I can think of. I'm getting nervous about having to undergo surgery again.. but I have abundant faith it will go smoothly. I'm INSANELY excited to meet Samuel and to have him with us. Feeling his entire body rolling around inside of me now is so amazing... I can pick out his bottom, his back, his knees, and his feet. (they're all nice and snug under my rib cage...) We've got the crib totally ready (not that he'll sleep in it) and the cosleeper all assembled and the sheets for it washed. (not that he'll sleep in that either...) All that's lacking is him! Braxton Hicks contractions have taken over my life.... stopping me in my tracks by day, waking me up by night. I feel like a whale... the 9th month is glorious physically isn't it? I'm as big as I could possibly ever be, well, at least until this time next week when, amazingly, I will grow even bigger. Clayton seems to be soaking my appearance up this time... seeing as how the "plan" is for this to be the last baby. I was in the pool with the kids this afternoon (yes, in a bathing suit...) and he begged me to let him get the camera to take my picture. Is he absolutely crazy?! I know... I will miss being pregnant when I'm not anymore... I will think back fondly on my belly... but there is really no need to immortalize me in a picture at this stage! Let me put on a complete outfit that I feel decent in and THEN we can take 9 month pregnant pictures. So... I'm just in a whirlwind right now of wanting my baby boy in my arms and out of my womb and all that comes with that excitement and nervousness. I feel "nesting" coming on, which means I'll be even more psychotic about the house being clean than I normally am. (my poor family.. pray for them..) I told Clayton today that if he wore his shoes inside the house one more time, and tracked grass and/or dirt in the house one more time, I would be sending him divorce papers. We'll see if our marraige will stand up until the baby comes. ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

June 18

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That is what we've scheduled to be Samuel's birthday... so just 3 weeks and a few days to go until we meet our little man! I'm so excited.. he's all I can think about lately. I can't believe we've reached the end already.. he really is going to be here with us very soon! :)

We took Madison out of school Tuesday and Wednesday so that we could all go to the zoo. We had a really great time! I held up well until the very end and I insisted it was time to go after I had about 5 contractions in 30 minutes time. We did see every single animal there and have lunch so I think I did quite well! The kids were exhausted when we left... they both knocked out in the van after about 3 minutes of driving. I'll share the pics when I get them on the computer.

I also had a Dr's appt yesterday. So far I'm up 19 pounds total (35 weeks) and everything's looking great! Measured to 36cm so one week ahead... so all is well with his growth it seems. I am now going every week.. Tuesday I have to go again. With gas being so expensive I'm not looking forward to all of that driving! I am excited though b/c those once a week appts mean you're done! :) Thank God all has gone so well so far...just start praying for a healthy mommy and baby on DDay.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


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Here I am. I know.. not a great belly picture but it's all I have right now and I figured it's better than nothing. Sharing pics of myself 8.5 months pg is hard enough... you're lucky I was brave enough to post this at all. lol In reality, that was at Carter's bday party so I'm probably even bigger than that as I sit here today. Oh well.. what can ya do, right? Just thank God for that sweet baby that's making you stick out all over! :)

I want to ask everyone to pray for Clayton and his safety and the other police officers in our area. I don't have the stomach to even talk about what all is going on right now... but it's gang related and the "initiation" process is to shoot a police officer. I'm very afraid for his safety, and ours too. Seeing him and the other police officers on such high alert makes me more nervous. The more serious they take these things, the more serious I know they are. So just please... if you think of us during your day or night, please say a prayer. Word is this weekend will be a bad one and of course Clayton is working the night shift and will be out in the thick of it. I'm afraid for him to be out working, I'm afraid to be here alone... I know I am not in control and that it is all in God's hands. That offers both peace and fear to me.

On a much brighter note... my shopping trip last weekend went great! My mom bought Samuel's crib bedding, which is just so adorable!, and I got a great new double stroller for only $89!! (full price from walmart in Cabot... sweet right?!) I bought a really cool swaddling blanket called "Swaddle Me" that i cannot wait to try out. (it velcros closed in a few places so once you get them wrapped all snug in there, they can't break out!) And, yes guys, I did get a breast pump. lol We are down to only about 4.5 weeks to go until D-Day... I am filled with pure joy and excitement! I've yet to feel afraid or nervous about adding him to the family... I just really cannot wait! I feel like we've waited forever for him.. I cannot wait to hold him in my arms and see his little face and know he's real! Not much longer! He will really be here before we know it!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Partying and puking

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We had Carter's 3rd birthday party last weekend. I have a lot of cute pics but clayton, as always, has the camera with him so I can't show them off today. The party was a lot of fun and everyone came! :) The only bad part was one of our guests brought the stomach virus to everyone at the party. Sunday night both Madison and Carter woke up throwing up, just a few hours after Leslie had called to tell me Tyler was throwing up, and Monday morning I heard from Suzanne that her kids were also sick. My mother-in-law caught it as well. So the first part of our week was a bit rough... oh.. madison also had pink eye. Thankfully by Tuesday evening everyone in the house was over everything and the rest of our week went by without a hitch.

Wednesday I had my 33 week checkup and found out I had gained 4 pounds in just two weeks... I wasn't surprised. I knew it would be "one of those" visits for me. Oh well.. overall I've gained 16 pounds.. which is nothing... so that's really not something I'm going to complain about. Samuel had hit a major growth spurt too so that made me feel better also. I measured 29cm the last time I was there... two weeks later it jumped to 33cm. So that's quite a bit! His heart rate was 138bpm and everything was great! We'll schedule our csection when I go back in two weeks... wow! Just 6 weeks to go... that's so soon. How on earth has this pg passed by so quickly?

Clayton is gone to the Spring River this weekend with two other Troopers so I'm taking the kids to my mom's (near Little Rock) for a weekend of eating out and shopping! (trying to gain another 4 pounds in the next two weeks lol) My main two things to purchase are a new infant car seat and a new breast pump. Can't find what I want in Monticello or Pine Bluff.. so to Little Rock we go! I can't wait!! I just hope my body will let me enjoy the walking and shopping.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What size?

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So.. I quickly realized the other morning when I finished getting dressed that suddenly I am in desperate need of new underwear. (sorry guys.. skip this post) My breasts have exploded overnight, and my belly's ever increasing size means that I finally have to retire my pretty panties for the stretchy cotton kind. (oh how I fight this change each time!) So I figured WalMart would do since the bigger sizes are only temporary. I buy a bra in a size larger assuming it would be a perfect fit. I buy panties in a size or two larger assuming the same. I get home (no.. I never try on anything at the store) and realize the bra JUST fits and is a bit snug... and the panties are too big. I guess i underestimated the size of my chest and overestimated the size of my rear end. So another new bra is in my future probably in the next week.... and I figure that I've got about 6.5 more weeks for my rear to grow so, who knows, those new panties might work out after all. It will be quite a depressing day, and probably a new post, if the day comes those panties DO fit. Oh well, at least they're quite comfy!

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