Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biggest Pet Peeve

Posted by Mandy at 10:58 AM
Thankfully I'm not someone that has a ton of pet peeves. The few I do have, however, REALLY annoy me. Which brings me to my morning..

For the past few days my Carter Man has been sickly. High fever, sluggish, and super still and cuddly. (which I love.. too bad he has to be contagious to want mommy to hold him now a days.) This morning he started complaining of a sore throat, so I used my wonderful nurse skills and shined a flashlight into his mouth. I discovered lots of grossness - big tonsils covered in red streaks and puss pockets. Gag. This, of course, warrants a doctor's appointment.

I call and agree to see a doctor I've only seen once because my first and second favorites are booked up. (apparently grossness is going around..) I was pleased to "only" wait one hour before getting in, and decently okay with the check up. Didn't accomplish all I wanted, but we hit the high points and were on our way to the pharmacy to get meds for both Carter and me. We both have some type of throat infection, be it strep or something else. (Carter's swab was unsuccessful and they didn't seem interested in doing one on me.)

We get to the pharmacy where we wait another hour. By this point we're tired, sicker, hungry, and a touch grumpy. (I had the boys with me.) I kill as much time as I can by walking around the store, pointing out anything boys  might like.

"Look at this huge rake!"
"Oh! A chainsaw!"

We approach the line at the pharmacy and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally we get to the ONE lady checking out the 15 standing around to give her our last name. Her response, "They're still working on both of them.. it'll probably be another 15 or 20 minutes."

I said, "Okay" as politely as I could and took my cranky boys and their cranky mother off to the food place just to kill more time. I helped them finish off their big soft pretzel in total annoyance.

We go back, wait in line for what seemed like an eternity, and finally got back to the ONE lady checking people out. Finally, our meds were ready!

I grab my checkbook ready to pay for these miracle drugs that would have my household back in working order only to hear the lady say,

"You do know these are pretty expensive?"

"Hu? What do you mean by expensive?"

"It's $120."

"WHAT?!! For two rounds of antibiotics?! What is it?!"

She rattled off the name of the mystery pills and I replied,

"I don't want that... obviously! I just wanted a Z-Pack or something NORMAL that isn't $60 a pack!"

I stopped myself and apologized to the lady, telling her I knew it wasn't their fault, but I was just super annoyed. She smiled and said she understood and explained that they'd call the doctor and try to get something else.

This could mean we won't have any meds until tomorrow... when the snow and ice are supposed to hit. Lovely.

So, my biggest pet peeve ever? WASTING TIME! I spend an entire MORNING at the doctors and at the pharmacy for what? NOTHING. I have NOTHING. I am beyond peeved. My big man is sick, I'm sick. He's getting sicker... as am I. But all I can do is sit here and wait. Is there seriously not a better system we could get? Is it not common sense for doctors that we OBVIOUSLY don't want the most expensive mystery antibiotics when we could get meds for so much cheaper?

So, if you see me in Walmart, and I look annoyed, and sick, it might be best to wave from a distance. I'm probably feverish, and spreading germs to everyone. If these germs make it to you, make sure to ask your doctor to call in a normal medication before you leave the office.


Allison C on Thursday, 11 February, 2010 said...

Different insurance companies charge very different amounts for various drugs and I've read quite about this recently and it's definitely not clear cut. Doctors often have no idea what the real cost or cost to the patient is because of shady pharma dealings.

Whenever you get a prescription, just keep a set of questions to ask the doctor. Stuff about if he knows the cost, if he has coupons or free samples, if there is a generic. I've had a doctor give me multiple prescriptions for the same thing by different names so I could just get the one that would be cheapest with my insurance (which happened to not even cover some versions).

Oh, and if you keep your pharmacy's # and fax # with you, the doctor's office should be happy to just send the script over before you even leave so you save some time.

Hope y'all feel better soon!

Mandy on Thursday, 11 February, 2010 said...

Thanks for the info!

The dr's office actually called in the meds before I left, but it ALWAYS takes Walmart's pharmacy forever to fill them. It's just even longer if I have to take the unreadable rx to them myself. lol

Reagan on Thursday, 11 February, 2010 said...

I hope you get feeling better.

Wasting time is the pits (though my pet peeve are people who waste time but then relentlessly tell me how busy they are!).

Sugar-n-Spice on Thursday, 11 February, 2010 said...

garlic on the soles of your feet, then socks over top. really. natural antibiotics. still get yours tomorrow, but might help a little in the mean time. ;)

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