Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's Get This Ball Rollin`!

Posted by Mandy at 10:03 AM
I was thrilled when we got a packet in the mail from the Baptist Children's Home yesterday. Now the work begins! I've spent the morning filling out more paperwork and will hopefully get to schedule our TB tests with the Health Department next week to get that out of the way. Once our references (you know who you are.. get to filling stuff out!) ;) get their stuff turned in, I suppose we'll have our background checks and home check done, then that's it? Our home will officially be open for a child or children that are able to have a family friend! I'm so excited - and nervous.

I don't know why this makes me nervous. I guess bringing a child into your life is a big deal and worthy of having some nerves over. I think my feelings are really based more on this being totally unknown. I don't know what kid(s) will be put with us, I don't know exactly how old they'll be (though we did request ages 6-10, we also agreed to take someone other than what we requested), and I don't have a clue what background they'll have. We're in for a wild ride!

As the time draws near that we're close to being approved, I'm even thinking of what we need to do as far as sleeping arrangements. I did say that I felt a girl would be most appropriate for our family right now, so I'm wondering if bunk beds are in our future for Madison's room. If this child is going to be spending two weekends a month, at least, with us... seems as though we should be prepared!

It's a really strange feeling knowing that your family is basically under investigation as soon as you turn in all of your paperwork. I keep looking out of my window for some guy in a trench coat, smoking a pipe, looking at my van with a magnifying glass to appear. So far, no go.

I hope this can all be completed fairly quickly. I'm really ready to get this going! From what I hear it could take 1-2 YEARS to be a licensed foster home through DHS in our area.. so getting this done now will at least allow us to do something along those lines while we wait for God to open those doors. He's done a FINE job leading us here, so we'll just keep following and see where he takes us.

He did send me an amazing amount of business for this weekend and next week, so he is definitely helping us get closer to our house-building-goal. I wonder how many bedrooms he'll lead us to include in those plans...


Sun-Kissed Scholars on Friday, 12 February, 2010 said...

Exciting!!! I have several friends who have fostered and/or adopted. The home studies and paperwork get tedious, but this is an AMAZING journey!! I'm excited (and nervous) for you.
And I thank God for working through people like you, to better the lives of children. Every child is a wanted child. Every child is special and deserves love and adoration.

Reagan on Friday, 12 February, 2010 said...

Good luck powering through that paperwork.

I was a bit shocked to hear it could take so long to foster where you are. In WY DFS is so desperate you can become a foster family in a couple of months.

Mandy on Saturday, 13 February, 2010 said...

Reagan - they're desperate for foster families here, too. I have no idea why they sit around like they do... I'm trying to prepare myself for mucho frustration! If we lived even ONE hour north of here we could be licensed in a matter of months, too. I'm even going to look into if we can attend the classes there instead of here, b/c they do them all in like two weekends! Here they drag on FOREVER. I doubt they'll allow it, but with hubby's schedule I wonder if they will have pitty for us. He doesn't have Saturday's off usually.. almost never actually.

Thanks Wendy for your sweet words! I hope that our family can provide for a few children that otherwise would have ended up who knows where. With hubby about to switch from the Highway to being a detective, he'll be working child abuse cases and such... and I wonder if he could take a child from a home and just bring them back here. (or if that would be a conflict of interest) it's gonna be nuts!

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