Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sick Boy

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Poor Samuel has a cold.. and pink eye. Ugh... Does anyone else find that when their kids are sick, especially when they're babies/toddlers, you go between feeling incredibly sorry for them and feeling incredibly tired of dealing with their whiney-ness? (whiney-ness?? lol) When Sam woke up from his afternoon nap with tears and sniffles I scooped him up and cuddled him with total dedication to his comfort ... at first. 30 minutes later when he's still clinging to me and screaming each time I even make a move like I'm about to let his precious behind touch the couch... my dedication begins to run dry.

At this moment I'm blogging with him curled up on my lap - favorite blankie and pacifier in tow. At least he's letting me multitask.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Play Ball!

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I just finished registering Carter for T-Ball. I am so excited that they now offer online registration! How easy is THAT?! My little man will look so darn cute in his baseball outfit - because that's what matters - how cute he looks in his hat and glove.

Before I get the kids from school I'll be heading to Farm Bureau to register Madison for softball. She will bump up to pitching machine this season, and I have to admit I'm nervous about it! Tball was so much fun. It was low pressure, most of the parents were not overly competitive, and it was really about HAVING FUN, not about winning. I've already heard numerous warnings from seasoned parents that once they start bumping up, that all changes. We'll see... I pray we get on a great team with parents that are encouraging rather than degrading.

I've realized that I really am not sure how to practise with Madison for softball this year. Should I toss the ball to her underhanded? Throw it faster overhanded? What's the best way to help them ease into such a big transition, from T-Ball to Pitching machine?

All in all I am extremely excited about this ball season. I hate that softball got bumped up into April this year. Now she'll be in dance AND starting softball at the same time. I'd rather them have to play in a bit hotter weather than have to juggle that kind of schedule. Oh well, my goal is to make it completely fun for the kids, and for Clayton and me. No stress, no matter what running it causes in the evenings!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Clothes Shopping Gone Wrong

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I took Samuel and I on a little shopping trip to Pine Bluff yesterday while the kids were in school. I called one of the only friends I still keep in touch with from high school (who works in PB) and we met up for lunch. That was the first time we'd seen each other in a long time... and that's the first time she's seen Sam since she visited us in the hospital after he was born! (She did bring us an AMAZING supper in the hospital.. omgosh.. I could have kissed her feet for that!)

After chit-chatting and laughing so hard it made eating a bit impossible, we parted ways and Samuel and I headed to the 'wonderful' (drip-drip with sarcasm) mall there. I had a gift card from Christmas to Dillards and I happened upon some decent sales. I was thrilled as I walked out of there with my big bag of goodies and headed to my favorite store - JC Penny's. Oh how I love thee.

I used to absolutely hate that store, but as of late, they've gotten some great lines! Their prices have skyrocketed, but the good 'ole' Penny's sales keep me coming back for more. I found some really really great clothes for the boys (which is often tough for me to do), and found nearly nothing I liked for Madison. (odd) On my way to checkout with my double stroller loaded down, I happened upon the most horrific sight I've seen since this time last year. It made my stomach knot up a bit, and I think I even said aloud, "Oh no..."


From bikinis, to one-pieces, to tankinis... there they were. Mocking me as I walked past. The bikinis jokingly called to me,
"Hey, mom of three.. why don't ya try US on?!"
The one-pieces scoffed,
"Do you really think you can pull off the cut of these bottoms?!"
The tankinis could barely keep their composure as they reminded me that their tops stop right about belly button range... and the bottoms start right about hip-bone range, leaving the worst part of the midsection right out in the open for all to see. Lovely.

Oh how I dread this part of upcoming summer. I MUST choose a bathing suit. We do a lot of going to Magic Springs and going to the lake with friends, not having one is not optional.

So, the hunt begins. Finding the bathing suit that covers my stomach AND my rear. I better start hunting NOW.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coolest Playhouse Ever

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Clayton built the kids a playhouse a few months back, and I realized that I've never blogged about it! (Leslie H... here's some pictures for you since you're so far away now!) It has been a blast for our kids, our dogs, the cats, and ALL of the kids that frequent our home. Even the oldest of kids at our Journey get togethers have loved it. We decorated it with lights for Christmas (and for the Journey bonfire), and Madison's already talking about how we can plant flowers all around it for spring. (Does she know who her mother is?) I just wanted to share a bit of Clayton's handy work.. he's so talented!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Single Motherhood is not for Me

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Clayton has been gone again all this week, and will be home tomorrow. Whew.. I cannot wait! Our week has been much better than the last time he left (aka the week Samuel broke his arm), but it's just so exhausting! I catch myself watching the clock thinking that he'll be home to do this or that, and then I remember that, nope, it's still just me. I'm sure this is building all kinds of good qualities in me... none of which I can think of at the moment. I guess there does come a sense of pride to know that you single-handedly are keeping 3 kids alive. How good of a job I'm doing at keeping everyone alive.. well, that's debatable.

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Hair Madness

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It is that time again.. it's been around 3 months since I last had my hair cut (or trimmed... I know - I know...) and I'm back to the ponytail every day point with it. So, I'm in the market for a new look. I already know I'm going to see Melissa at Modern Image for the cut and color (she just did an amazing job cutting Madison's hair!) and after seeing the really great job she did on my friend's hair, it verified her as my choice.

Now, it's decision making time. Do I want to go shorter again? Keep it the same length but add a new shape? Shave it bald so I don't have to deal with it at all? What's a gal to do?

On top of what cut I want, I'm also trying to figure out what colors I want. I know I want two - I'm getting it foiled. I don't like anything drastic, but I want it noticeable. I'm thinking maybe just doing highlights in one shade lighter and the other two shades lighter. Is that too boring? Maybe I should go all out and surprise Clayton with pink streaks and purple undertones....

I hate trying to decide what to do to my hair. I want something different, but I also get so terrified of going too far outside of my established comfort zone!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Thank you Mr. Burgess!

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Joe Burgess has agreed to relink the website I created for our homeless doggies each week as long as I send him a fresh article to go with it. HOORAY! This is amazing! Here's the first mention of it on Monticello Live.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

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This morning was so so cold... all I could think, as I scolded myself for not starting the van sooner, was, "I am so ready for spring!" I try to be happy no matter what the weather, but winter is just not my cup of tea. I love to be outside - unless it's below 50 degrees.

I went out this morning to feed all of the dogs (currently we have two of our own and 8 fosters) and by the time I got finished filling bowls and dumping out ice to refresh the water dishes I was in pain from the cold! My hands were completely red and I could barely move my fingers. It didn't help that our newest foster has zero manners from living his entire life at the pound and jumped on me while I was holding a newly filled bowl of water. Splish-Splash and let the frost bite set in!

Samuel was so mad at me that I would not stay outside to let him play any longer. I just cannot take it. What can I say.. born in the South! We like it warm!

I have two training sessions this Saturday in Warren and the forecast is calling for 60+ temps - I pray it stays looking that way! I hate taking clients outside for training in the freezing cold.. and both of these need help with walking. Lord, PLEASE.. help me out with some beams of sunshine!

Monday, February 02, 2009

One Resolution Failing

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Two of my New Year's Resolutions were to get fit and to read my New Testament Bible in a year. I'm keeping to the fitness part, but it's been about a week since I even attempted to read my Bible. *shame* The Devil really knows how to get me.

Since I made my decision to take my walk with Christ much more seriously, it seems my life has exploded. Amazingly, I'm enjoying 'almost' every bit of the craziness that is going on every day. The problem is, it is leaving me incredibly distracted and exhausted at the end of each day. The time I was reserving for quiet time with God is now used cleaning the house, because I wasn't home that day to do it, looking over my schedule to fit in a new client, or simply being completely worthless and lazy on the couch watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. (one of my new favorite shows.) It's amazing how I can find time for everything else each day, but not my time with God. What's even more amazing is how I can feel a difference in myself because of it.

I'm feeling much more on edge, more tired, more pressured, and an entire list of things that are not very typical of my personality. I'm looking at my list of things to do and getting tired just thinking about it all! I wonder if I should drop some things to make more down time... but for some reason that just does not feel like the way God is leading me. The more I convince myself that I just need to stop doing "this" or "that" to feel better, the more I hear God saying to keep doing what I am, but just lean on him. Oh... that's easy for him to say...

Thankfully our church is starting a new Beth Moore Bible study tonight (8pm for any women that want to come!) and I think it is exactly what I need. Not coincidentally, Clayton has a random month of the day shift this month. If he didn't, I'd never be able to go. God is so good.. he works my life out for me if I just let him.

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