Thursday, January 28, 2010

House Hunting Horrors

Posted by Mandy at 11:32 AM

Has anyone ever gone through the process of trying to find a new home? Did anyone else want to SCREAM the entire time?

We bought our first home back in July of 2005. We gutted it, remodeled  the entire thing, and now I'm ready to sell it to a new lucky owner and get the heck out of Dodge. So, we're on step 1: Finding a new home.

This step always seems fun and exciting on those HGTV shows that I watch. Apparently when you have A LOT of money, house hunting is a blast! When you're trying to fit a house that's more than you can afford into a house that's within your budget - well that's hard work.

This job becomes even harder when you're not really on the same page with your spouse about what exactly you should buy. Let the good times roll!

We're pretty much giving up on our dream of buying land and building. It is just way too much work, too much money, and too much time. We're ready to move. We're ready to sell our house, pay off debt, and start saving for our future dream home on our future dream land. So, where do we go while we wait for that dream home to be built? WE HAVE NO IDEA!

I've been looking at houses online and in the paper for several months. Probably closer to a year at this point. There just isn't anything out there that's right, or that's perfect I should say. I'm finally getting accustomed to the idea of buying a house in a neighborhood simply to get more house, in town, and out of here. That would be a hard adjustment for us because we really like country living. But, I could get used to the grocery store only being 5 minutes away as opposed to 20.

I've found a few that I could really see me moving my couch and TV into, but hubby isn't having it. *sigh* Doesn't he know that his job is to agree with me? (don't tell him I said that..)

I keep waiting to drive by a billboard somewhere and it to read:

"Mandy! Your perfect home is at *this address* and it's waiting for you!" Love, God

So far, not happening. The first time around it took us right at a year to find our first home. We're getting close to that timeline again!

If you've gone through this, how long did it take you to find the right home for you?


Reagan on Thursday, 28 January, 2010 said...

I've so been there--except I love the process.

When my husband and I sold our starter home we made a killing on it and thought we'd have funds to get our dream home in our new town. Wrong-o! Favorite neighborhood + new town=WAY out of our price range (and that was for a fixer-upper).

We ended up in a twin home where we finished the basement and made do. The whole time we house hunted--on line, on weekends ... we kept looking for the dream house and it never came (after 3 years). We finally built (sick as it sounds it was CHEAPER than buying an existing home). I LOVE my new house!

Brandy on Thursday, 28 January, 2010 said...

Girl I feel your pain!! Not sure we would have ever found our perfect house before we gave up and built. I knew what I wanted and couldn't find it.. Vince would have been fine with a few we looked at. There are 3 that we made offers on and I wasn't sold on 2 of them. Those two had little bedrooms, LOTS of wallpaper, etc... I wasn't ready to pay a lot of money and not be happy with it b/c there would have been NO money for remodling for quiet some time. The last house we made an offer on was perfect BUT not the house that was meant to be! God wanted us right where we are and I am happy to be here! :) Just don't sell your house before you have a house!!!! We might have looked a bit longer if we hadn't been homeless lol!!

Stacie on Monday, 01 February, 2010 said...

I know you don't know yet, but we are moving too. I am so excited about it because I am going "home". We signed the papers on a house today that is located 1 mile from my parent's house and 1/2 mile from my grandmother. 3 of my aunts live within this same area also. We didn't take too long to decide since everything about it was absolutely perfect! We looked at it and went to the bank for the first time 1 week ago today so we moved fast. When I wondered if this was the right "move" for us I prayed and prayed. I got my bible out and looked up "choices" and "God's Will" verses. The first reference verse I looked at was Exodus 32:34. The second verse was Acts 1:12. In case you aren't aware, we travel back to my hometown every Sunday for church. Look up these verses and you will see why I immediately knew we were on the right track. Everything fell into place perfectly, so I don't have the same house buying horror as you.... sorry, but so happy we didn't lol.

Quiskaeya on Tuesday, 02 February, 2010 said...

Oh girl! House hunting is never a least not for people who have a budget to stay in like you just said. And throw in that men and women think differently about what are "needs" vs what are "wants"...ummm you are dealing with major decisions.

We are actually moving to TX from FL in Aug (shhhhh don't tell anyone...LOL). I know I just broadcasted it across blogosphere. We are already house hunting even though we plan to live there a year before we buy.

Girlfriend it takes lots of prayer and lots of compromise.

Tracie Jones on Wednesday, 03 February, 2010 said...

Mandy - I don't know if you have looked at it or not but there is a house on David Lane for sale. We live in this neighborhood and it is close to country living. It has been fully remodeled. The neighborhood has one street into it and only 3 streets in it. There is plenty of space for kids to run and explore but it is a safe neighborhood. It is listed in the paper.

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