Thursday, July 20, 2006

Was group for me?

Posted by Mandy at 7:50 AM
Wow, our small group was great for me last night. Our focus was joy and what things in life keep us away from joy, and what things bring us joy. I was lacking joy for the most part yesterday. It isn't a constant feeling of crappiness, but it's off and on when I think of how low my temps are and just waiting for the hag to appear. Suzanne asked what our "chronic" joy stealer is lately... mine started as 'greif'.. each month I'd be so depressed that I wasn't pg that I'd be overwhelmed with sadness. I still have some of that, but I realized last night that now it's more the 'wearniess' that's getting to me. I know I've said to at least Leslie and Suzanne that I am just so tired. Emotionally I am exhausted. I feel a thousand times better than I felt a month ago, due to me reading my Bible and praying regularly again, but still, I feel just tired of wanting this. I just want it to happen so I don't have to think about it anymore. I told Clayton that he'll probably get his wish and this will be our last child because I just cannot imagine ever putting myself through this again. I know the end result will be worth it, but in THIS moment, TODAY, I am just drained. I always feel a lot better once we start a new month. I start each month with a lot of optomism and just KNOW that THIS month will be it. It's the end of the month that is hard... waiting and waiting to find out, then being so disappointed over and over again. But I did realize that last night, I am so blessed that that is the only joy stealer I could really come up with. My life is so wonderful. That feeling was validated when we got the most horrible phone call I can remember ever getting. Our friends (that used to be our neighbors here) have a son that has Spina Bifida. (sp?) He is prone to seizures and they are frequently rushing to the ER due to that. The doctors told them when Remington was born that if he made it to age 5 it would be a miracle. He had his 7th bday this year. Two days ago the father called to tell Clayton that Remington had had a seizure and had stopped breathing for 18 minutes. 18 minutes... 18 minutes that two parents watched their lifeless child turn blue, 18 minutes that they saw their whole world fall apart, 18 minutes that they knew nothing would ever be the same. He was rushed to Children's Hospital by medflight.. they stabalized him... and last night when we were all hanging out after small group the father called Clayton, barely able to speak to say, "Remington didn't make it, we're on our way home, and would you please be a paul bearer at the funeral." I was wondering why clayton was in such a hurry to go home last night, and when we got into the van he told me that and we just prayed for them and cried the entire way home. My sadness is not over Remington's death for I feel he was released from a life of pain. My sadness is for his parents, for as a parent I know that my worst fear is losing one of my children. How would you ever go on? How would you ever sleep again? And what I hurt the most for them over was, How will they walk into their home and see his things there, and know he'll never be there again. Oh Lord please be with them. Please be with all of us. I've never been to a child's funeral before... neither has Clayton. A child's death is tragic and I'm sure all that are there will be in disbelief that this has even happened. I also realized last night that my longing for a child is nothing compared to theirs.


K.T. says peace on Thursday, 20 July, 2006 said...

That is awful and I offer my condolences.....I have never been to a child's funeral either,not to say I dont know of some children who have passed on.My nephew-Brody-died at birth and Kendall's half sister died 4 days after birth.Brody would be 9 years old now and Mikayla would be 5 almost 6 years old.Whoever knows what God has planned but we do always know that his is the grand design-the greatest plan.

Lou Arnold on Thursday, 20 July, 2006 said...

My prayers are with them. Children's funerals are the hardest. I had only been to one. The boy was 8 or 9 and by nephew's best friend. They played little league baseball together. The boy was killed on a motorcycle so it was a double funeral. The sadness I felt there, I just felt again ready your story. Nothing can bring a child back. They will cherish their memories though.

Brandy Files said...

I have had the blessing. . .and I do mean blessing . . . of having attended a child's funeral. We were living in New Mexico at the time and I played in the praise band in a very large church. I did not know the family, but they had requested worship at their son's funeral. I have NEVER seen anything like these two strong christian parents. At their beloved infant son's funeral. . .he was about two weeks old. . .I saw these two faithful followers of christ whole-heatedly worship their Father. Their genuine love and trust in Him was pouring out of them. I'll never forget it. There is a difference in happiness thru circumstances and joy that comes even in unbearable grief because of knowing One who brings Hope and understanding; and that His plans, tho we can't comprehend, are ultimately all-knowing, and perfect. I'm not saying I could be that strong in such circustances, but I am saying I will never forget those parents and their unwaivering trust in God.

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