Friday, July 14, 2006

"If I have a girl, know what I'll name her?"

Posted by Mandy at 6:53 AM
This question came from Madison after watching one of those baby shows on tv that I love so much right now. I ask her what she would name her baby girl and she says, "Allie." ISN'T THAT CUTE?! You have to keep in mind that typically when she names her stuffed animals it's not very original... her pony will be named "pony" and her idea of a really pretty name would be something like "Sparkle Pony" or something.. so for her to come up with a REAL name was so neat to me! I asked her what she'd name a boy.. and she couldn't come up with a name.. she is anti baby boy! She also remembered something i had told her when Carter was just SIX months old!! She had asked me (when carter was a baby) when we could have another baby, because she wanted a baby sister. She'd ask me this almost daily! I told her, "Well, we already have a baby right now, so maybe when Carter is big, we can have another baby if God gives us one." So yesterday she says to me, "Mommy, Carter is a big boy now isn't he?" "Yes, he is a big boy!" "Well then when are we having another baby?!" How on earth did she remember that?! Has she just been sitting on that all of this time waiting for me to say that, yes, Carter is a big boy? lol Kids' minds are amazing.. when Clayton calls me last minute to ask me to pick up something from the store that isn't on my list, I have to tell Madison to remember that item for me, and she does! 5 year olds sure do come in handy!

Madison also had her dentist appointment yesterday. The only traumatic part was taking her first set of dental xrays. Poor thing... you know the plastic things you have to bite on? They were gagging her and she was just a crying..but she still did it! Her teeth looked great.. no problems at all! The tooth they had put a watch on was fine so that is great. No loose teeth yet.. but she said to be on the lookot because kids typically lose their first tooth at age 5. WHAT?! I am really not ready for this next step towards her being a big girl. Her baby teeth will be gone?! WHY?! Ugh... time flies! Madison can't wait to lose a tooth... she's seen some friends with gaps in their smiles and she wants to be just like them!

Clayton and I had our first 'tiff' last night in a very long time. I KNOW it's because of two reasons. Reason 1: My progress in faith and with Christ. Satan is NOT happy that I've stopped listening to his lies that God isn't with me and that God doesn't care what happens to me. Reason 2: In small group we've been talking a lot about being a good wife and things related to that... holding your tongue, not beign easily offended, etc. All things IN GENERAL I don't struggle with. Satan is waging war with me though. I was upset with Clayton ALL DAY yesterday. I did have reason.. but not much of one. And even with all of his really great efforts to smooth things over I still sat on my anger and hurt and refused to let him off the hook. So we spent his ONE night off in a heated discussion with me crying and him looking at me asking "What do you want me to do? I don't know what else I can do!" I had no idea... I even had talked to Suzanne TWICE that day about how I knew that my feelings were related to my growing faith, but still, I didn't resist enough. I let myself dwell on those feelings and basically ruined what should have been a really great day/night. At least I'm blaming who's responcible.. Satan. There was a great spiritual battle being fought in my soul and I let myself lose with my emotions. He knows my weak point. So please be praying for my strength to not let him win this battle.. I know there will be many more tests of faith to come.. as there always are when you start to progress. I refuse to go back to where I was even two weeks ago... this battle I am on God's side!


Lou Arnold on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

Satan really gives you a hard ball when you are right with God. Remember God won't give us more temptation than we can handle, including the devil. Just pray. I will be praying for you.

Guess what, I had a horrible dream and didn't get much sleep. I had the nightmare and was scared to go to sleep. I used your advice to Madison. Thank of someone to pray for when you are scared or had a bad dream. I decided when these times come up I will pray for a family in small group. So Suzanne, Mandy, and LeeAnn, your family was prayed for all last night. I did feel at peace when I prayed. Thanks for the advice that was really meant for me.

Mandy on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

great Lou and thanks for the prayers b/c I sure need them! (Don't we all?!) I've found that when I pray our small group always comes to mind.. I really hope we don't all get split up when the groups change in the fall! I'd be SO sad!

K.T. says peace on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

One of my friends accused me of being Satan's pawn one time and I have resented her ever since...My father was looking for firewood to buy-she had some but was going to raise the price for him $30 and so I told my father she could not do it-she told my sister in law-"That they say the devil always gets to the ones you love the most(because I was upset that she raised the price)."I was thrown aback by that sentiment....Anyhow lets get to how that relates to your passage...I am so humbled by the fact you are willing to admit it might be Satan in control of you and not someone else,saying that must have definitely taken some courage.

Allrighty-Teeth.My kids still havent had an x-ray,they wont do it-Jaxen and Kyla both seem to have lost teeth really early,he went through kindergarten without six of his baby teeth and now they have been replaced with adult teeth.Kyla has lost one tooth on the bottom.

Kyla wants to have a baby boy-"she doesn't want a girl" That is what everyone is betting I would have on the occasion that I had another child.

By the way I notices you all had a name thing going too...C's and M's-I guess that would be broken though if I knew that your name is AMANDA...aww it was just for fun anyhow....LOL

Lee Ann James on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

Amen, girl! I am so encouraged by you. By the way, I used your little tip the other night, too. Confession time: I am afraid of the dark! Especially in the bathroom...weird, I know. I just hate that mean sound that the toilet makes when you's scary at night! Anyway, last night, I was in the bathroom and flushed and got that familiar flush (no pun intended!) of panic, and I thought...okay, pray for somebody! I prayed for you. And it worked! Thanks!

Lee Ann James on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

I didn't realize how many times I used the word "flush" in that last comment! My goodness!

Mandy on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

K.T., my name IS Mandy.. not Amanda. :) The name thing is a total accident! We didn't even realize that had happened until a few months after Carter was born! Next baby will break the mold... I don't have any C or M names picked out :)

LeeAnn, I'm afraid of the dark too.. I'm actually afraid of a lot of things like: ghosts, heights, going fast in a car or anything else, spiders, bugs in general, etc etc etc! I'm such a chicken!

K.T. says peace on Friday, 14 July, 2006 said...

Ditto on that afraid of the dark thing and sorry about the Amanda thing....LOL

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