Friday, July 28, 2006

ohh... my aching muscles

Posted by Mandy at 11:07 AM
The short yoga session I had with Madison yesterday must have worked me much harder than I realized. I woke up this morning with aching muscles all over my body! So, of course, I made sure to catch the workout on tv again this morning! Madison did it with me, for the most part. She was a bit distracting because she'd get into a pose and then ask, "Look Mommy, is this right?" So while I got a great workout again, I spent a lot of my time reassuring madison she was doing a fine job. I'm sure by tomorrow morning I won't even be able to walk. Ah, the things we do for beauty!

So, Clayton had a blast yesterday driving the car of his dreams. Supposedly he should have his in a week or two. He's so excited! He was telling me about all of the great features and how it drove and such, and I smiled and nodded and said, "wow that sounds great!" Meanwhile I, for the most part, haven't a clue what most of the stuff he's telling me means.. but I know it makes him happy for me to be interested! So, you guys out there, make sure to ask him about his cool car so he can talk to someone that REALLY knows what he means about it!

Have any of you heard the new Nickleback song "Far Away"? OH MY GOSH! It is gorgeous! I know.. LeeAnn is "not that into them" as she told me the other night (shame on you!) but I just love this song! I think I'm going to have to break down and just buy the entire cd. So far I've loved all of those songs.

Clayton is gone to buy food for the house... I told him specifically, "Buy MEAL food, not SNACK food!" So we'll see what he comes home with. I wish I'd have gotten in the shower before him this morning... to him, if he's ready first, he's going! lol So wish us luck on having food to actually nourish our bodies this week!


K.T. says peace on Friday, 28 July, 2006 said...

Yeah-that is why I dont look too spiffy most of the time,I have to be able to wash and go living with my husband.LOL.I kind of go off into la la land when my husband is doing vehicle speak.When it comes to groceries-we rarely go together to get them because the kids will not behave in the store.So I make him a list and he buys them.He has bought them without a list before and did well except for planning something for me to eat-I am trying to eat during the day-[hypoglycemic]I havent for awhile.

Brittany on Friday, 28 July, 2006 said...

I told my husband about Clayton's new ride and he was so jealous! He loves the Dodge Chargers.

Angelina on Friday, 28 July, 2006 said...

Hey if the last name is Moss, then her teacher is Mrs. Koones! Hope that saves you a trip. We got the one I dreaded for Valerie when she was a kindergartener. I think though that this teachers hard demeanor will help Ethan stay focased.

Lou Arnold on Friday, 28 July, 2006 said...

Come on! You know nothing about Dodge Chargers. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Lee Ann James on Friday, 28 July, 2006 said...

Guess you can't count on the whales for nourishment anymore. You'll just have to live off of sugary cereal!

Mark W. on Monday, 31 July, 2006 said...

I surfed over to lurk on your blog and SH-BANG! - Nickelback! Is this a conspiracy or something!

Ang wants to see them in concert - maybe you can take her, because I'm going to pass!

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