Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is God up to something?

Posted by Mandy at 7:58 PM
Of course.. God is ALWAYS up to something... but I guess in the spirit of optimism I am hoping he's up to something big for us this month. So, without getting into a long and drawn out version of it, all of the 'ways' you can FOR SURE know you've ovulated have basically failed me this month, meaning it looks as though I did not ovulate at all. However, I'm feeling like I normally feel once I do ovulate... so this is beyond confusing. I had a thought though. I remember a great conversation Suzanne and I had a while back when they were still living with her parents. She was saying how Jeff had preached (or just had a talk with a group?) about praying SPECIFICALLY for things so that when those things came to pass you could give all of the glory to God. I'm sure Suzanne said it much better than I wrote it, but you get the idea. So my thought is, what if God is making it look like it is impossible for me to have gotten pregnant this month, so that WHEN I find out I am in a few weeks, all the glory is on him? Wishful thinking or maybe I'm onto something... I pray I'm onto something! So God.. if you make this happen this month.. you will have made the impossible possible!

Playgroup today ROCKED!! It was just Suzanne, Leslie, and me with our kids.. but the kids were great, the chit chat was fun, and we all went to Suzanne's after for pizza and more hanging out. Lou and Michael joined us there with Ashtan.. who I think will quickly become Carter's favorite boy if he can beat Noah out of the number 1 position. ;)

Does anyone else watch that show on FX "Rescue Me"? It is my favorite! I got into it in 2004 when Clayton was away at Troop School and I'd be up late begging God to let my wide awake baby boy fall asleep. It became my Tuesday night show and still is! If you ever catch it on watch it!

Our awesome preacher had a sermon that was based around our vision for our futures.. that no matter how young or old you are you should still have a vision of what you want in your life. So I was curious what everyone's short term "visions" are? Mine? Hmm.. of course to get another baby on the way! Also to make reading the Bible a regular part of my life, and a part of our family life. (Suzanne's recent blogg helped me realize I really need to get back into this!) What's yours?


Lou Arnold on Wednesday, 12 July, 2006 said...

My short term vision is to get Michael out of school and in a job and to have another baby. But I have to wait on Michael for that one.

Good luck with trying to have another baby, I will continue to pray for you girl.

Rene Teater said...

My short term vision is to finish grad school---just 15 hours away and get more organized with my time and surroundings.

K.T. says peace on Wednesday, 12 July, 2006 said...

Mine-Many things,to get into school,to brave getting behind the wheel,to own my own home,To have Kendall in regular public school and be accepted and not outcast....and I could continue.Awesome Blog!

Suzanne on Thursday, 13 July, 2006 said...

to get a job that will get us above the national poverty line, to pay off debt, to get a mini-van, to have the last parker baby, to own clothes that fit, to get a haircut, oh, wait, all of that depends on the first. ;)

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