Monday, July 03, 2006

New Preacher Update

Posted by Mandy at 6:08 AM
HE WAS FANTASTIC!!! PRAISE GOD! Oh my gosh... Sunday was the best time at church I've had in many months, possibly in the past two years since we've gone to our church. Our new preacher, I swear, was sent just for me. :) His preaching style is upbeat and you WANT to listen to what he'll say next, he's funny, he's serious, he makes sense, and he hits you with point after point after point. I am so pleased with the blessing God has sent First Presbyterian Church! Thanks be to God!

So what's everyone doing for the 4th? So far our plans are going to visit family and have a big cookout thing. I'm not looking forward to the long drive... Clayton has to work so it'll be just the kids and me, but all in all I'm sure it will be a great time. I'm not sure if we'll see fireworks this year. Clayton always does those and I'm pretty sure I won't be up to going to the lake once we get back to town.. we'll see though! If nothing else we can always buy fireworks the day after for really cheap and shoot them on the 5th. :)

So, our puppy Major is really growing up! He's just the best dog! (well, don't ask our cat for his opinion.. he hates the dog!) So far he's been a very well behaved puppy... minus a few times he's chased and attacked the kids. ;) (puppies play really rough!) He's learned "sit" and I'm not sure there's much else i think he needs to know! Might as well work on some other tricks just for fun.. stimulate his brain! (and mine...)

My baby boy is talking up a storm! He went from barely saying anything to now speaking in simple sentences. He asks me all of the time now, "Is that hot?" if I'm feeding him something... or if he sees something, for instance like this morning he say a turtle on tv.. he said, "Is that a turtle?" He just asks about everything! He's even learned to say "sorry Mommy (or daddy)" if he hurts us... typically when he's trying to cuddle with us but will not sit still and he elbows us in the ribs! (Suzanne.. does this remind you of a certain middle child of yours?) :)

Well, everyone have a great 4th of July! I'm guessing I'll see many of you Wednesday night at the Parkers! (at the parkers?)


Lou Arnold on Monday, 03 July, 2006 said...

we are going to cook out at home. My sister is with us this week. Then we are going to go to the lake to see the fireworks.

Don't worry about Carter not saying sentences. He is pretty much on schedule. Ashton went from babbling to talking nonstop. The best way to get them to take normal and not baby talk is to talk to them like you would any adult. I have read that several times in my early childhood classes.

Hope your 4th goes great. See you Wednesday night.

Lee Ann James on Monday, 03 July, 2006 said...

Hey! I'm SO glad your new preacher is great! I was praying that he'd be what your church needed. Congrats to Carter for talking like a big boy! He's so cute!

Suzanne on Monday, 03 July, 2006 said... with most with the kiddos, it'll happen, just wait, and then you'll barely be able to remember anything different. :)

oh, so my middle. last night i let him get back out of bed to sit with us to watch prairie home companion. and matt called nana and papa to let him and his sister talk. noah could NOT sit still for 2 seconds. all over me and the couch. he told nana, "mama 'aid 'it 'till." (mama said sit still.) that boy! and gracie said, "papa" so clearly to papa last night! i bet he about melted!

K.T. says peace on Tuesday, 04 July, 2006 said...

I did not realize you went to church there-my friends the Clubbs attend church there also.We contemplated going there back when we were still looking for a church...not that we decided against it-Just the church we decided to go to first feels like home now.

Mandy on Wednesday, 05 July, 2006 said...

I love the Clubbs! Little Jacob and Carter are good buddies in the nursery :)

Phillip Slaughter on Friday, 07 July, 2006 said...

It is great to see God answer prayers.

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