Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh LeeeeAnnnnn!!!!

Posted by Mandy at 3:16 PM
So.. LeeAnn hasn't blogged in a few days, so I'm asking, after you read this blog, go do some blogging of your own! :)

Many thanks to Suzanne for letting me and my children come sit around this afternoon. My bad mood from last night carried over. I have been SO on edge.. I pray it's pg hormones making me go insane. :) The kids played and we just sat!! I feel refreshed and ready to take on the battles of home again after a few moments of girl talk!

So, I've finally gotten into exercising again. I remember before I had Carter I LOVED to exercise. Now that I've gotten out of it it's so hard to make myself do it. I always feel great once I do... so I decided to just do it! Feel like it or not. So far so good! At this point I don't expect to lose any weight, nor do I even care, but I just do not like feeling out of shape. I'm TRYING to take care of my temple... we'll see how I do.

Does anyone else have a husband that moves your stuff around?! If there is anything I can gripe about.. that is it! I have a calendar that I keep next to the puter and at least a few times a week I have to go searching piles of papers that Clayton has made (his way of organizing... ) to try to find it. It makes me crazy! How many times can I say, "PLEASE do not move my calendar!!!"? I just realized how lucky I am that that is my BIGGEST gripe about my man! :)

I'm really excited that it'll be Wednesday night again soon! I can't wait for small group! I even get to go to Parent Group at my church tomorrow night which I also love! Hooray for a great start to the week!


K.T. says peace on Monday, 17 July, 2006 said...

I feel renewed after a visit with friends also and can definitely feel the effects if it has been awhile.My husband moves everything and shoves it into some random place-his idea of cleaning-and when I ask him where a specific item is,he will say either "I dont know" or "I didn't touch it" and most of the time he has....So I definitely know where you are coming from there.LOL

Mandy on Monday, 17 July, 2006 said...

lol!! Clayton does the same, "umm, I don't know where that is.." ARRRRGHH!

Lou Arnold on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

I don't have that problem. I am usually doing that to Michael. It gets irate like you do though. Can't wait to see you Wednesday night.

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

Okay, okay. I posted. ;)

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

Okay, okay. I posted. ;)

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

Okay, okay. I posted. ;)

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

Why did it post that comment THREE times? I only pushed the button once! Weird!

Suzanne on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

yeah, i'm with lou, i move matt's stuff, and don't remember where i put it and it drives him nuts.

Angelina on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 said...

Hey Mandy,
It was fun meeting you today! I am excited to have a whole new crowd of different personalities to be around! You guys at Journey are really quite a special group of people, and loads of fun to boot!

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