Friday, April 09, 2010

Room Re-Do... again?

Posted by Mandy at 9:40 AM
We recentely painted and organized Madison's bedroom into more of a "big girl" room and I posted about that here. She loves it and so do I! Now, we have to reorganize this room with avengence. Our Baptist Home stuff should be done very soon and we'll have "E" coming to stay with us for much longer periods of time. She'll need her own bed and at least some space for her things for a few days' time. On top of that, we'll also hopefully have our DHS stuff done in the next several months and we'll be in need for another bed, anyway.

Thus begins my wheels a' turnin'. What do we need?

Bunk beds like in the boys room? Two twin beds decorated all cutesy? How do I organize more clothes and shoes and STUFF?

Thankfully Madison's room is a mega room as far as kids rooms go. It was the original master bedroom in this house before they added on what is now the master. She has two large closests in her room... we only use one of them for her stuff and the other has been designated the "bed nook." So, we could at least have enough closet space, which is priceless!

I plan to begin my online hunt for beds today. I'm always looking for the best deals for the best stuff. If it is a bunk bed, I have to have white. Everything in Madison's room is white - so let the search begin!

I get so excited over stuff like this! I love to decorate, redecorate, and organize. It's such a challenge to look at a space and figure out a way to make it work for the job it needs to handle.

On top of being excited about this, I'm completely overwhelmed! I was on the phone with a friend that currently has three foster children and three bio children this morning, while I was aimlessly walking around Walmart with Samuel, and I said, "Umm.. when you figure out how to get all of your stuff to fit in your house, you MUST come to mine and show me how to make it happen!" At least I have good organizational mentors...


Maury on Friday, 09 April, 2010 said...

We have a nice set of white bunk beds that we got from Haverty's 3 yrs ago. What I like about them, is they also have the option of being apart, into 2 twin beds. When they are 2 twins, you rearrange the bed to make the headboard larger than the footboard, so it looks like 2 beds, not a bunkbed that is apart, does that make sense? I am SO glad I bought these. I have arranged them every way I could think of. They have been bunk beds several times, 2 twins, I recenlty bumped them together and was able to put king size bedding on them to make 1 big bed for the girls, and now, with our new addition, they are back apart. At one time the girls had seperate rooms, and I was able to divide them up, with them both having a cute bed. I think they cost around $600-$800, but the stirdyness to have been taken apart and put back together, and surviving several very worth it. We had a cheap set previously that just shook, and this set is solid. WELL worth the money!

Clayton said... Why not just move to a bigger's that simple. Problem solved!

Mandy on Friday, 09 April, 2010 said...

I'm so glad I finally talked some sense into you, sweetie!

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