Friday, April 16, 2010

The Post About Nothin`

Posted by Mandy at 9:19 AM
I felt the urge to blog today with no real ideas of what to say. Sometimes randomness is a good thing... right?

I kept the kids home from school today. It was a spontaneous decision that I made last night... for no reason at all. Benchmarks are over, it's Friday, and it's a gorgeous day. Why not?

Within the first hour of being awake I was second guessing that decision with Samuel making it his life quest to annoy Carter and Madison to the point where they scream at him, but not quite to the point that they finally have enough and shove him or force him out of the room. He's learning...

A trip outside to walk the dogs, ride bikes, and do several wagon and tire swing rides fixed everything. Sunshine is God's magic solution to the world's problems... well.. except in the Middle East I suppose.

I got to see 'my' girls yesterday after school. It was an hour away from picking up kids from school time, and I thought, "I'd love to see A and E today... wonder if we can make that happen." Poor Eroshi... (she's my friend thankfully, and she's in charge of all of the girls at the Baptist Home.) I always call her so spur of the moment, "Can I get the girls today after school?" I'm supposed to give her a day's notice... but my brain rarely plans an hour ahead, much less a day. I do my best, but I had to at least ask. Thankfully they had nothing going on so they got to spend the afternoon/evening with us. A trip to the park and then to Mazzio's and the world was right. A tear-fest from the girls talking more in depth about court cases, their parents, and their feelings had me feeling like I would throw up. I just wanted to make them feel better.. and I can't. I can't do a thing. And I hate it.

"A" seemed to have a heavy heart. Her adoption will soon be finalized and she and her siblings will be moved many states away to be adopted by an Aunt that they've met all of one or two times in their lives. She's terrified. She's upset. She's realizing that she REALLY is not going home again - ever. She's angry... and I'm angry for her.

"E" is upset because the judge over her case won't talk to her.. says she's too young to have an opinion. Though I agree... I hate that she feels that way. She's angry because the judge is talking to her siblings and according to her, "None of them want to go back home.. but I DO. He won't listen to me, though.." To be so young and to have all of this weighing on you.. it's so unfair. I looked at my kids all snug in their beds last night and thanked God for our lives. We are so truly blessed.

On a kind of related, but different note, we have our first DHS meeting this weekend. I'm nervous and excited! It's a mandatory inquiry meeting that kicks this whole thing off. Stuff is happening!

I am still praying that our perfect house with lots and lots of rooms is right around the corner... I think I've found it but I feel hopeless that it will work out. Phewy on that.

I am hitting it pretty hard breaking Sam from his pacifier now. Oh how I hate this phase. He is an excellent whiner as it is and now he's got it DOWN whining for that thing. Good thing I've done this twice before - he doesn't know who he's up against here.

It's Friday! I don't know if that will mean anything for us this weekend or not... but hooray anyway! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Whitney on Friday, 16 April, 2010 said...

Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of y'all for taking on children who so desperately need a safe, loving home. Sometimes I get so discouraged that there is so much evil and hate in the world. Thank you for countering that. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Angie on Monday, 19 April, 2010 said...

I have an award for you please come and check it out!

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