Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Jobs I Might Rock Out

Posted by Mandy at 8:45 AM
Have you ever sat and thought about what other jobs are in the world.. and decided that there are definitely a few that you would be the most awesome person to do that job, ever? Yeah... me too!

For example:

 Walmart greeter. I think that I would be the coolest greeter the world has ever seen. I rarely get tired of talking, I love meeting new people, and I think that I would be just giddy getting to give little kids happy face stickers. You even get a little stool to sit on if you get tired of standing...  Cooler yet, sometimes you probably get to slip your foot out and trip bad guys trying to run out of the door stealing stuff.  Yep.. I'd rock at that.

Lunch Lady - Oh yes. I can actually see myself doing this. Think about it. I love to cook, and I'd absolutely bust into the school Jamie Oliver style tossing out white rice and bringing in brown... down with canned crap and in with more home-cookin'! So, the kids might miss their french fries, but they can learn to eat real potatoes instead.

You get to talk to the kids, but are in no way in charge of them. Yes.. this rocks.

Maid - I REALLY love to clean other people's homes. It is so much fun to get everything just 'perfect' and know that when they come home they'll be so happy to see their house all shiny and fresh. The downside to this is, I'm pretty sure if I cleaned houses for a living.. I'd likely never want to clean my own home. Also, it would be hard to do things the way the home owner wanted me to, and not how I thought was best.
"Who puts dish towels in THAT drawer?"
"Only clean the floors once a week? If you say so lady..."

Secretary - Depending upon who I worked for, I think I'd be an awesome secretary. I love to organize stuff, talk on the phone and get problems solved, and run here and there to do errands.

Circus Dancer - Yes... totally random, but how cool is this gig? You get to dress up in amazing costumes, dance to music, and the crowd you're dancing for is full of kids so it's all good fun!

Then, there are those jobs that I KNOW I'd really be awful at:

Carpenter/Contractor - Do you ever watch that show Holmes on Homes? Basically this guy comes in behind really bad contractors to fix everything they did wrong in homes and even outside for landscaping and such. All I can think when he starts tearing EVERYTHING out is how that would immediately drive me insane. Having to simply tear an entire room down to rebuild it? My patience is not cut out for that! Not to mention I have no skills - as in I don't even hang pictures.

Psychologist for Adults - Though psychology fascinates me to no end, there is no way I can see myself doing that for a living. I just don't have enough patience for adults..I admit it. Hearing the same people come in with the same problems that they create by repeating the same negative behaviors... I think I'd yell at someone.

Waitress - Remember back in the day when your waitress had a pen and a notepad and she'd write your order down? Not anymore! Apparently waiters and waitresses have super-human memory implants somewhere in their brains... they can memorize an entire table's drinks, meals, and special instructions. I can't remember to stop by the bank on my way home... I would be horrible at this job! (not to mention trying to carry those heavy drinks out on those huge trays? Disaster would definitely be occurring on a regular basis.)

Nurse - After the surgeries I've had and also having my babies... I realized I could never, ever be a nurse. My hats off to all of you! You deal with the grossest stuff in the world... really. What's incredible is they act as though it isn't a big deal to them to clean up your vomit, wipe your blood off of you, and change the dressings on your mega-wounds. (like those three csections I had... I cringed FOR the nurse as she dealt with my incision... I had the best nurses!!) I love how nurses can make you feel so good about yourself for the simplest of things.. like finally having enough urine output.... who else would cheer for you on that one?

There are so many jobs in the world. Some are so gross that I can't even watch people on TV do them (AKA: Dirty Jobs) and some are so stressful that I wonder WHY anyone does them. I think I made the right choice for me... raising my kids, and dealing with animals. Not sure I have patience for anything else!


Brittany on Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 said...

Mandy, I would so let you clean my house however you wanted to!!! Lol

Angie on Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 said...

Love it! Love it! LOL

Reagan on Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 said...

This was a great post. It really made me think--what jobs could I rock? I'm with you on the maid thing but I think I'd also be very good at being a life coach (pay me to be bossy? Your kidding, right?)! I could NEVER be a truck driver--I've been in 10 car accidents. And my biggest fear (literally, it's nuts) is to get into a car accident that send me into an ice covered body of water so that I not only drown, but drown trapped in a car after a traumatic accident. I guess being one of the Ice Trucker people is out too.

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