Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm so Glad my Daughter is Clueless

Posted by Mandy at 2:32 PM
Each year I wonder if this is the year that Madison will get it. Get what? Pop culture. Boys. Hair. Clothes. TV shows. You name it... all things cool.

So far, she is still completely and utterly clueless. She doesn't really have a favorite singer - she wouldn't recognize Miley Cyrus if she walked into our front door, or even Justin Beiber..  however you spell his name. (and, quite frankly... Justin B. freaks me out. He's just a young boy and he's singing all kinds of songs he shouldn't be.. anyone with me here? Moving on..)

Madison has no idea what name brands are or where her clothing comes from. She doesn't care. In fact, when I left her here with her daddy to go shopping one Saturday she asked,

"What are you shopping for?

me: "Spring clothes for you kids."

"Why do you have to go to Little Rock?"

me: "Because that's where Justice and Children's Place are. And every other good store."

"Well... why don't you just go to Walmart? It's closer.."

That just made my day. I love shopping at certain stores, but I love that she has no idea that, to society, any one store is better than the other. Her self-worth is the same whether the shirt she has on cost $5 or $35.

I've noticed that a lot of her friends already know what labels mean what, and look for them. What's worse, I've noticed that they ask each other where their clothes come from in a "is what I have better than what you have?" kind of way. Sad... I hate that.

Recently a little girl asked her, "Do you have anything from The North Face?" Madison's response, "What's that?" She could have 10 things from that store and not have a clue.

Sometimes I feel bad that she doesn't know some things.. like who the popular teeny-boppers are so that she can relate a little better to her peers. It isn't that I'm refusing to let her know.. it's that she has no interest in it. She'd rather read a book or play her NDS. I even sat down with her once last year to see if she liked that Hannah Montana show... since ALL of her friends loved it.. and she barely made it through 2 minutes. Didn't float her boat.

Sometimes I think that she's a lot more immature than her friends because of this type of thing, and I go back and forth between being glad of that, and curious of that. Why is she? Is that just her personality? Is it because though her mommy is an admitted label lover, we don't talk about clothes? I can't help but wonder when this will come to a sudden end. I'm pretty positive that eventually she'll strive to do what kids do - fit in. She'll want what her friends have, want the clothes they wear, and want to be like them. (which makes me thankful for the friends that she's picked thus far...) She'll be 9 this June. At age 9 I have to say I was probably a lot like her. I don't remember caring about clothes or anything of the sort until Junior High, but it seems kids are getting materialistic much younger these days.

For now, I'll be thankful for my non-demanding tween.


Reagan on Monday, 12 April, 2010 said...

I'm so glad your daughter isn't label conscious (yet) and hopefully she'll be one of those people who is "above' what they wear.

My mom and my sister were total label gurus and I used to drive my mom nuts when I refused to wear anything from The Limited or Maurices or 579 because I wanted some old retro jeans from Salvation Army :)

Sugar-n-Spice on Monday, 12 April, 2010 said...

Madison is a lot like "faith" in some ways. Faith still does not care a bit about what others think. Sometimes I wish she did (not really)... but there are those moments when she's wearing flip flops when it's 36 degrees out and I say "don't the other kids make fun of you?" and she laughs and says "yeah" with a shoulder shrug and this genuine ease, confidence, and certainty in herself. she does like miley cyrus, but as a 12 year old that isn't cool anymore. but she doesn't care.

she did, however, ask for a pair of "sperry" shoes the other day. that brand, and nothing else was acceptable. not sure where that came from, but i thought it was hilarious (and i had never heard of them before at all).

i just asked her who justin beiber was, (because i've never heard of him)... and she didn't know.

"hope" did know. and so did charity. my crazy kids! ;-)

Stacie on Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 said...

I can't help but wonder if the conversation was brought up because we took KL clothes shopping this weekend. Me and my mother hate to shop. Neither of us are "fashion" people. We take KL to one store. We get a big rack and fill it up with things she likes. Then we take it to the dressing room and one person puts the clothes on her while the other replaces hangers and gets the next outfit ready to try. There is no "label looking" but just a quick glance at price tags so I'm not surprised when we get to the register. We walk out with all of her spring/summer clothes and that is it. We do the same thing in the fall. This way we knock out all her clothes in just two trips to the store a year. She doesn't (nor do I) care about who made the clothes. We just care if she likes it and is comfortable in them. Luckily, she really doesn't care about the designer or know there is any other store than that one, haha!

Mandy on Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 said...

Stacie, did you mean if this blog post came from your going shopping? If so, absolutely NOT. I think KL and Madison are probably right on the same page with that stuff from what I know of her. lol They seem like two peas in a pod!

Brandy - if "Faith" is going to pick one brand of shoes to stick with.. I love her choice. ;)If Madison continues to be like her - I will be one PLEASED mother!

Stacie on Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 said...

I thought maybe M was talking to you about it because KL had brought it up at school. I didn't mean it in a bad way, haha! I for sure knew that KL wouldn't ask M how much North Face (??? I wouldn't know where to get that, haha!) stuff she has because KL has none. Maybe I should find out where to buy it and pick her up something just so we will have it and can say yes... just kidding :)

Ann on Thursday, 15 April, 2010 said...

Reminds me of Olivia - she thinks a lot of that is nonsense and is perfectly happy with her beautiful hand-me-downs! :-) We really do need to get those two together now and then...

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