Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sick Boy

Posted by Mandy at 2:51 PM
Poor Samuel has a cold.. and pink eye. Ugh... Does anyone else find that when their kids are sick, especially when they're babies/toddlers, you go between feeling incredibly sorry for them and feeling incredibly tired of dealing with their whiney-ness? (whiney-ness?? lol) When Sam woke up from his afternoon nap with tears and sniffles I scooped him up and cuddled him with total dedication to his comfort ... at first. 30 minutes later when he's still clinging to me and screaming each time I even make a move like I'm about to let his precious behind touch the couch... my dedication begins to run dry.

At this moment I'm blogging with him curled up on my lap - favorite blankie and pacifier in tow. At least he's letting me multitask.


Quiskaeya on Wednesday, 25 February, 2009 said...

Ugh do I ever feel you sistah! I'm getting over the brunt of a flu episode in our home. Babies suffer so much and your heart go out to them. But the clingy, fussiness can drain the emotions dry.

I hope your little guy feels better soon.

Jennifer on Friday, 27 February, 2009 said...

I know what you mean all to well Mandy! I hope he's better now and I hope you all had a great girls night out! I hate that I missed it, but I'll be there next time for sure!

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