Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

Posted by Mandy at 10:40 AM
This morning was so so cold... all I could think, as I scolded myself for not starting the van sooner, was, "I am so ready for spring!" I try to be happy no matter what the weather, but winter is just not my cup of tea. I love to be outside - unless it's below 50 degrees.

I went out this morning to feed all of the dogs (currently we have two of our own and 8 fosters) and by the time I got finished filling bowls and dumping out ice to refresh the water dishes I was in pain from the cold! My hands were completely red and I could barely move my fingers. It didn't help that our newest foster has zero manners from living his entire life at the pound and jumped on me while I was holding a newly filled bowl of water. Splish-Splash and let the frost bite set in!

Samuel was so mad at me that I would not stay outside to let him play any longer. I just cannot take it. What can I say.. born in the South! We like it warm!

I have two training sessions this Saturday in Warren and the forecast is calling for 60+ temps - I pray it stays looking that way! I hate taking clients outside for training in the freezing cold.. and both of these need help with walking. Lord, PLEASE.. help me out with some beams of sunshine!


Rosjuane on Wednesday, 04 February, 2009 said...

I'm with you!! I want some warmer weather too.

Maury on Wednesday, 04 February, 2009 said...

Yes, I am ready for the warmer weather too!

So, you have 10 dogs right now?? WOW. Do they all bark a lot??

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