Thursday, August 31, 2006

Side effect city!

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Okay.. I was feeling pretty well the first two days on the Femara. But, starting last night, I just felt like I had a cold.. really tired and achey. Today it's even worse. Ugh... I'm EXHAUSTED! I truely don't know how I'm going to make it through the rest of the day. Just two more days, just two more days, i can make it two more days!

Madison has her first dance class tonight! I'm so excited! She is too! She is going to look so adorable and i hope she knows some of the kids in her class. She dances around so much I thought she might enjoy an actual lesson. We'll see how it goes! It won't hurt my feelings if she hates it and doesn't want to do it after a while lol. Our first soccer practise is next Thursday at 5:30pm. Bad new is dance class is every Thursday at 5:45pm. What am I going to do?! This is EXACTLY why I didn't want her to do both of these things. She cannot be both places at once. Ugh.. I don't know what we'll do about this.

We're entering the land of potty training. I've discovered that Carter is very capable of going on the potty as long as Madison isn't home. When she's here to play with he loses all focus! But hey, gotta start somewhere!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 2, so far so good!

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I took my second dose of Femara this morning and so far no side effects! I have been a bit tired, but nothing horrible. I hope I continue to feel this good throughout the rest of the month!

I'm so excited that Small group is starting up tonight! Madison also is bumping up from Cubbies to Sparks! ACK! I am so not ready for all of these changes... but she's so excited. I guess the Sparks are the ones that wear the red vests? I dunno, but I'll find out tonight. Clayton won't be with me for Small Group b/c he is going with his Dad to one of the last games at Ray Winder Field. That kind of sucks but I'm glad he's getting to go!

I've been walking every single morning (weekdays anyway) since school started and I've lost one whole pound. :) lol Hey, you've got to start somewhere! I'm also lifting weights again and eating less/better. I feel a heck of a lot better, that's for sure! It's a lot easier to go for a walk now that it's a bit cooler outside! How about the weather today hu?! Wow.. we've been outside almost all day long enjoying it before we end up back in the 90s again.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tomorrow's the day

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So I start taking the fertility drug tomorrow. I am beyond nervous. There are such mixed reviews on this crap. Some ppl say it's great.. other say it's dangerous and shouldn't be taken. I just have to trust God and my doctor... and go forward. Please don't stop praying.. just add my health and the health of any baby that might come from this to that list. I am so scared! ack!

Second week of school.. started out nicely so far. Madison did fine this morning and i actually had a very friendly woman help her out of the car so that was a nice start to the day. I dread pick up time.. but one can hope that maybe it'll get better! (yeah.. right.. )

Who's coming to playgroup tomorrow morning?! (8:30ish right?) I hope to see a few of you ladies there!

Friday, August 25, 2006

MES vent

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I'd love to say that I like Madison's teacher... I'd love to say that I like how the room is set up... I'd love to say that I'm satisfied with what goes in inside the school.. but I can't. Why you ask? Because I am basically not allowed into the school, at all! I walked Madison into school the first two days, before she asked me to just drop her off up front. I still thought i had the option to occasionally walk her in if I wanted.. but turns out, I don't! This morning, as I'm dropping Madison off, I see two different mothers, that are walking their children in, stopped and bascially scolded for doing so. I heard, as I was driving away, "We're asking that no one get out of their cars..." WHAT?! So we no longer can walk OUR kids into the school if we want? I totally am supportive of everyone just driving through the pickup line at the end of the day to get their kids... but what is it really hurting if parents park in the parking lot and walk their children in? That is what we were told we could do in the beginning.. but not anymore. So, I have no idea how Madison is doing in school... I never get to go into the school.. I never see her teacher, I never see the principal, I never see anyone! I am just a nameless face that drops her off and picks her up. I am less than satisfied with this. How do they expect parents to be "involved" if we're not allowed to be? I don't want to be a disturbance.. but is a quick hello to her teacher and the aide in the morning really that burdening? Once a week if I walk her in is it that hard for someone to say "she's doing great!" Or "let's work on..." ??? I'm tired of being rushed to drop her off.. I'm tired of being rushed when I pick her up. I got an ugly look and a wave that meant "hurry up and move!" when I simply took 5 seconds to reach back to buckle Madison's seatbelt yesterday. I know ppl are waiting.. I myself waited nearly 15 minutes in the line.. I'm not being rude by securing my child into her booster seat before taking off onto the road full of angry parents. So.. this is my vent. I know I am not alone in these feelings for several other mothers have said the same things. I just hate feeling like a complete outsider that is only in the way each day. That's my little girl! I want to know how she's doing each day!

Okay, sorry for the long rant.. but come on! lol For some good news.. I was really worried how much the fertility meds were going to cost.. and I didn't know what (if any) insurance would cover. I was SO happy when Clayton called me after he had picked it up and said "It only cost us $21!" HOORAY!! Both meds combined.. $21 out of pocket. Thank you God for our awesome insurance! So, God forbid, we have to do this several times... we can afford it! :)

Guess what we're doing tomorrow! Going to the circus! Yep.. Ringling Brothers at Altel.. that's where we'll be! Madison is sooo excited :) I know Carter will love it too.. he just doesn't know it yet. lol

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The hag showed

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Well, I awoke to my most hated friend this morning. What a way to start the day. If I am not going to be pregnant, is it really too much to ask to at least have a regular cycle once and a while? I called my doctor.. and we are starting fertility treatments this month. I"ll be taking a drug called Femara (similar to clomid) and then going in for an ultrasound midcycle to check the size of any eggs that might have grown and see how my cysts are behaving. If the eggs have grown to the proper size, I'll be given a shot of Profasi to release the egg(s). My body seems to like to ovulate late, when it does ovulate. Meaning the eggs have aged by the time they are released, and unlikely to get fertilized, or be a healthy pregnancy if they do fertilize. I'll start the Femara pills this coming Tuesday.. I am nervous about it, but hopeful. I've just come to the reality that we are not going to get pg on our own. God is taking us down a different path for some reason unknown to me. Clayton is on board 100%... I feel good about it, and my doctor is EXTREMELY optomistic about it. So, I guess everyone that matters in the deal is full steam ahead! I pray that it just takes one month and we're pg! I hope this baby we're trying to get knows how very much he or she is loved and wanted already. I dream about him or her every single day. So, if I act like a crazy person this month PLEASE take into account that hormones are being pumped into my body! lol

Okay, James family... we MUST get together sometime soon! I don't know when lol, but we're missing you guys! :)

I signed madison up for soccer today... she goes back and forth on whether or not she wants to play, but clayton and I think she'll enjoy it! She's talked about wanting to play soccer since she was 2! If nothing else she'll look darn cute in that uniform. :)

I started "school" with Carter this morning. He did so well sitting with me and listening and answering questions. "Questions like "what color is this square?" :) I'm really enjoying our one on one time together!

Okay, that's an insanely long update on the Moss house!! I hope everyone else is having a little less going on than we are. lol

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm late...

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Yes.. I hesitantly said it. I'm one day late. Now, with my irregular cycles this could mean absolutely nothing. Of course, I am on pins and needles though. I don't know when I'll retest. I'm so afraid to see another negative result! I'm sure now that I've blogged about this I'll start in about 5 minutes... but I had to let my pals know what I'm feeling! Sort of excited, sort of hopeful, REALLY afraid that I am really not though!

Madison's first day of school went GREAT!(note picture taken as we walked out of the door yesterday) She loves her teacher, loves her classmates, and in her words, "Kindergarten is WAY better than preschool, Mommy!" :) She was so excited to go back today. She literally ran down the hallway to her class, way ahead of me. I had to catch up to her to just kiss her goodbye. She was already sitting down next to a friend. I think if I wanted to I could drop her at the front door like the other parents do and she would love it. I, however, am just not ready to do that. I like walking her in. How else will I ever see her teacher?! I want to be 'that' mom that's everywhere you turn! lol I just want to know what's going on.. we all know how much information you can get from your kids!

We did have playgroup this morning and it was so great! I felt bad for Carter. He really didn't seem to have much fun. I think he's unsure what to do by himself out there. I'll have to bring trucks and things like that for him next time... that's always a hit! I did have a lot of fun though! I'm sorry we missed you, Brandy!! Next time you'll have to come a bit later so we can all hang out! :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

First Day of School

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Well, my baby girl is officially in Kindergarten now. She was so excited. She acted as though she'd gone to that school a hundred times before. I, on the other hand, felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. As if everyone could sense that "new 'big school' mom" feeling I was giving off. Madison sat at her spot at the table and was all smiles when I left. I got back to the van and tried very hard not to cry, but I could not hold back the tears. I am shocked that I am so emotional about this. She's been in preschool since she was 3.. but this is so different. It's REAL school. I am sitting here just wishing I knew what she was doing. I can't wait to go get her and hear all about her day! Carter is missing her a little. He was asking for her when I got back home. But, he's definitely enjoying the one on one time with mommy and daddy!

Are we doing playgroup tomorrow? I'd love to if it isn't raining!! I hope I won't be out there all alone! Once I drop Madison at school I plan to head to the park.. all who want to come hang out, come on!

Oh, I did find a nice big lunch box at WalMart.. it is not cute though. After buying cute ones last year, I've learned my lesson. If I want to actually fit food in there, I'll have to put size over attractiveness! I'm still on the lookout for BIG and CUTE lunchboxes for cheap though.

I'll be anxiously awaiting all of the blogs about the first days of school! I hope everyone has a great first day!

Friday, August 18, 2006


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I did take a test, it was negative. Not surprised at all. I'm fine as of this moment. Thankfully Leslie and I had plans to go to Pine Bluff today for last bit of school shopping and to eat KID FREE! Ah.. it was so much fun and so nice to get away! Madison is all set now.. I bought her a ton of shoes today. Tennis shoes, two pairs of black shoes, one for school, one for church, and tap shoes. I FINALLY found tap shoes in her size! Payless beside WalMart IN PINEBLUFF has them for any interested! I can't believe she starts school Monday.. I really just cannot believe it. All that I have left to do is go buy her food for her lunch box. How did the summer go by so quickly?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ready for school!

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Clothes bought..check. Backpack bought...check. All supplies bought.. check. We are officially ready for school!! My mom, sister, and I lived it up at Park Plaza and bought Madison's school clothes. (oh how I LOVE Gymboree!) I even found the most adorable dance outfits.. I got ballet shoes at Toys R Us.. but am yet to find tap shoes in her size!! I am going to look in Pine Bluff tomorrow.. and last resort, I'll order them online. I really need to try them on her though! The ballet shoes I got her were a size 1... as in all the way past little girl sizes. All of her other shoes are now a size 11... so that's a huge difference. New tennis shoes are also on my list of 'needed items' but I am pretty sure I can find those. Ahh... a sigh of relief!

Now... a sigh of dread! I am going to go ahead and take a pg test in the morning. Mainly because I think it's always good to start your day with huge disappointment.. it makes everything else happening around you seem like no big deal. Really though, I just want to prepare myself for what's about to happen. My ob/gyn's office called... my nurse to be exact.. and we talked about what should be happening if we didn't get it this month. They highly encouraged me to call them when the hag shows so they can start infertility workup. They said it.. the big "I" word.. infertility. I nearly burst into tears just hearing it.. the reality of that is so scary. I have such mixed feelings on doing any treatments. On one hand I feel like putting this in my doctor's hands is like taking it out of God's and saying "I don't trust you to help me so I'm going here.." On the other hand I feel that if God doesn't intend for me to be pg nothing will get me that way. And... I'm not the type to let one of my children die of a disease b/c I think taking them to the doctor for medical help is telling God I don't trust him... I don't know. It's just such an unknown world to me. I mean.. how many people actually know someone that REALLY needed medical help to get pg? I only know one person first hand. She did end up getting pg but after a long hard journey. Am I willing to go through what she did? Is Clayton? I don't know. I guess we'll just take things one step at a time. Talk to the doctor in depth about everything.. and pray pray pray for guidance and strength. I'm afraid to go for that fist observatory ultrasound and hear what they'll say about the condition of my ovaries. It shouldn't be surprising to me because of my pain level.. but I guess hearing any news 'for certain' can be hard hitting. Am I rambling? I'm sorry. I haven't talked a ton about this. It's hard for me to talk about it outloud. I get too upset and I hate feeling that way. So, be warned that this blog might not be a fun and pleasant place at times throughout the next month or so. I have no idea what will be going on. I do know that I'll get through it though.. and something will be gained.. because I refuse to beleive that God is allowing me to walk through this for no reason at all. I know there is a reason.. and it makes me wish that God would just cut me some slack right about now!

Monday, August 14, 2006

playgroup tomorrow?

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Who all will be coming to playgroup in the morning? I'd like to go since it will be our last one before madison starts back to school. (hopefully some of us will still be able to hang out with the older kids in school)

I have no time to actually post right now since my NO NAPPING son is sitting at my feet crying. (yes.. he really is) so I'm off to tend to him and I'll try not to strangle him in the process!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mommy burn out!

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Okay.. the night shift has now officially taken its toll on me. I am suffering from some serious mommy burn out. If I have to clean up one more mess, fix one more meal, or even just listen to one more story.. I might need to scream. The weekends are always the hardest, I truly do not see clayton at all.. maybe an hour a day. My stress is of course worse right now because I'm in the one week wait now.. it's even worse than the two week wait. lol I don't think I'm pg... as in I don't have ANY hope that it happened this month.. but i'm ready to go ahead and get a new month going so I can call my doctor and find some answers and hopefully pain releif! Am I whining? I know.. I am.. I'm sorry! I'm just plain worn out tonight. I need a break BIG TIME. (or just another adult to actually talk to.. that might help)

Thank the Lord for the rain! Wow we got a thunderstorm this afternoon! I know the plants are happy. :) It's a bit funny to me because Clayton and I were just wondering if he'd have to mow the yard again before next spring since a lot of our grass has died from lack of water. Now that it's rained so much.. I bet we'll find nice new LONG patches of grass that need to be mowed really soon.. he'll be SO excited! lol

Okay, for some reason I'm feeling a bit out of touch with everyone. I was just at the James's last week... but I guess missing playgroup did me in or something! I hope we can all get together sometime soon.. I need some playtime!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame

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So, who all ventured out to see any of the Babe Ruth games? We caught our first one this afternoon.. it was so much fun! It was insanely hot, but the kids were fantastic and wow, those guys are great baseball players! Clayton played baseball from Tball up until he was about 14ish.. and he's itching to play now that he's watched that game! He even got to go to Ohio to play the Babe Ruth series there one year! Cool hu? (even cooler, Ohio was one of the teams we saw play!) I got a nice sunburn on top of everything. Nothing horrible.. but it looks ridiculous. Why didn't I think ahead and wear a tank top? Nope... silly me.. I wore a capsleeved shirt, can you picture how silly I'll look the next time I DO put on a tank top? Maybe it'll fade quickly!

Madison is officially signed up for dance! Thursday nights, that's where we'll be. Okay, it's only a 30 min. class but we're all really excited! Tuesday or Wednesday night we'll be going to stay with my mom and she's offered to take us school clothes shopping and then to buy madison's dance clothes and shoes! man.. I love my mom! :) I cannot wait to pick out tutu's and leotards and tap shoes.. oh this is what mommies of little girls dream about!! We're pretty sure we'll do soccer too. After talking to some veteran soccer moms, I feel confident it will be lots of fun. Carter is easier to keep up with now too... that will make things much easier.

Can anyone else not believe that school starts in just NINE days?! It'll be even sooner than that for those reading this late! lol Wow, I've got to go buy the rest of her school supplies! (plan on doing that tomorrow!) If anyone finds any large lunch boxes and aren't hideous.. PLEASE let me know! She has two cute ones.. but they hardly hold anything! It's so frustrating!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anyone want a dog?

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Look at this cute face... don't you want him?! Grr........... that's me growling, not the dog, and I'm growling about the dog. Okay, we really do love him.. but he's about to be chained up until adulthood if his chewing doesn't stop soon. I don't know if I posted about the $300 in van repairs he costs us LAST WEEK when he chewed an O2 sensor out from under the van. We have only had the van back for one day.. and last night, on my way home from TayLee's (thanks for the good time guys!!) the transmission light came on. I started panicking.. but the van drove home just fine with no problems. Everything seemed in top working order.. no big deal. I mentioned it to clayton though. This morning he vanishes for a while, and then comes in while I'm on the phone with Leslie (Tyler has pink eye! poor little guy!) looking really PO'd and dirty and sweaty, carrying a weird little thing in his hand. You guessed it.. the O2 Sensor.. that the dog has chewed out.. AGAIN!!! AHHHHH!!! Clayton called my Dad (who does a lot of car work) and asked what we could do b/c we just cannot afford $600 in two weeks of van repairs! So he talked for a while and tried to install it back in again. We've yet to drive it though to see if it is working... oh man.. that dog better grow up to be the best dog in the entire world.. or he's getting bread and water to eat from now on! ;) Seriously though... this is why parents always flip out when kids want a new dog.. I never thought about how destructive one puppy could be! People that say kids are expensive never had a German Shephard puppy!

Carter and I had our first REAL fight of the wills this morning. He's become increasingly more mischevious since turning two, and lately a lot more disobedient. (to be expected at this age...) but this morning it seemed he was doing everything he could to make madison cry, and to make me want to strangle him. So, the last straw was when he got into the 'no no' cabinent under the sink that I keep the dishwashing liquid and such in. He got a bottle of diswashing liquid out and threw it down, looking me right in the eye the entire time. So I knelt down to him and said, "Carter, that's not for you, put this back please." and handed him the bottle. He took it from me and threw it again... and gave a little grunt that translates into "not gonna do it" for those that have never had 2 year olds. So, I sat him down in the kitchen floor... and basically wouldn't let him get up until he put the bottle back. I think it's time to start putting my foot down with him. I remember doing this same stuff with Madison. He is so much more compliant than she was though. After maybe 2 minutes of having to stay in the kitchen, he picked up the bottle, put it back, and ran to me all excited and proud of himself. He got tons of hugs and kisses and life went on. We'll see what the next battle of the wills will be. If he was only aware of the fact that there's not much he can pull that his sister hasn't already, and I now have an entire brain full of methods to deal with his craziness.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


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Praise the Lord, the doctor said Madison does not have strep. So, if any of your kids get sick with fever, weird body rash, sore throat, possibly puking, etc... it's probably the same highly contagious virus we (and everyone else) have been passing around. Thankfully we've all been well for the past 24 hours.. so we can leave the house together again!

I don't have much time to post right now, but I did want to ask for a serious prayer chain to go for me. I've been in a pretty severe amount of pain this month (and the past few) over these cysts. If I didn't get pg this month, I'll be calling my doctor to see what he can do for me. I'm afraid this will put our trying to get pg on hold and that's a thought I don't even want to think. So PLEASE pray for me.. for my doctor, and for my health! Thank you!

Monday, August 07, 2006

won't be at playgroup

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How disappointing, but I will not be at playgroup tomorrow. Suzanne won't be there either.. we are pretty sure our kids have strep throat.. AGAIN! ARRGHH! Mine 'seem' totally fine right now, but that's how strep did us last time. Hit a little bit at first with fever and that weird rash, then totally 'went away' for a few days, only to return full blown later and knock everyone down! So, tomorrow I'm taking Madison to get the swab done and if hers is + then we'll all be taking antibiotics for the next 10 days. I just hope that maybe it's a weird virus that just looks like strep.. and it's gone.. and we won't need meds! One can dream right? So, have fun everyone that does go to playgroup tomorrow! I'm so sad we can't go, but I'd feel horrible if we gave strep to anyone else. Who knows who all we've already given it to! I had planned to go see Betsy, Chris, and the baby but now I see we'll be holding off on that for a while.. God forbid the baby get ANYTHING that we might have.. strep or not!

I made a discovery today. There is a room of our house that makes me not like my children. Yep.. I said it. The living room. Why.. why you ask? I guess because when I'm in the living room, I'm trying to sit and relax, read, or watch a show.. and they're being loud or 'in my way' and making it hard for me to do any of those things. During the day we typically leave the tv off and play.. so in the evenings when I do try to watch a little something, I get so upset when they won't just leave me alone for an hour. I also realized that I enjoy them MOST when we're all playing in one of their rooms. We all sat in Carter's room for an entire hour today doing puzzles and reading and such... it was a great time! Bring those same activities into the living room and I'm hating it. I just want to chill and NOT play. Am I crazy or does anyone else have a 'room' like this in their house? I guess it's all in the expectation. If I'm sitting down with the tv on I EXPECT to get to watch it. If we go into their rooms, I EXPECT to play.

I MISS MY VAN! It should be fixed already.. no one called us today though to come and get it so I guess we'll call tomorrow morning and pick it up on our way to the doctor. It's funny.. I LOVE my car... I like driving it so much more than I like driving the van; but I miss our 'routine' in the van. We have all of our music and such in there.. and we're just used to riding in it. I feel a bit lost being back in the car now! It's good to get to spend some time with my car again though.

Oh, anyone that's interested, Clayton is off tuesdays and wednesdays this month. :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

copy cat

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Here's my personality thing... I can't help but pick up on how much I never like my results on these things. I know they're pretty accurate of me.. but I always feel like it makes me sound MEAN! Ah well.. what can ya do, right?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

isn't he a cuttie?

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I just love this picture of Carter. We took it the other day when we were outside playing in the sprinkler. I know.. he's mine.. of course I think he's cute.. but yep.. he's my handsome little man!

I think the night shift woes are slowly sinking in. It's going to be a bit worse than usual the next several weeks with Clayton training one of the new troopers. He can't come home and have lunch and such like he normally does. These late weekends are just hard on me. I'm sure they're hard on him too. He didn't get home until 5am this morning from working last night. I expect the same tonight. I can't remember when his next day off is.. Tuesday maybe? I'm ready for it!

For those that are interested, I'm in that dreaded two week wait now... I probably won't be talking about it much because I'm feeling fairly defeated lately, so if I'm quiet on the subject, for once, that's why.

On a bright note, tomorrow is Sunday and I'm still loving church! I have faith that I'll get a sermon that I need to hear tomorrow.. and come out of the building closer to God than I was when I walked in. I so often feel so lonely in these long months of constant night shift work.. I know that if I am closer to God, I'll feel more at peace, or totally at peace with being here "alone."

Friday, August 04, 2006

Oh no... what happened?!

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How did this happen?! How did Clayton sucker me like this? How did he make me... gulp.. LIKE CHESS?! Who just said that? Okay, so the second time around learning to play chess has been a lot better than the first. I did beat him today, but only b/c he helped me! lol Otherwise I'd have lost, again! I think my determination to beat him has taken over.. I HAVE to beat him! So, I think this time, he'll be sick of playing before I am. I'm getting a little better... I just plain stink at the thinking ahead a few moves part.. meanwhile his "detective" brain is all over that. So true for us as a couple.. I think in the right now, he's always thinking a few moves ahead! Guess at least one of us is always thinking then! :)

We had a great morning today. Clayton called one of the new troopers and his wife (that live here in town) and asked if they wanted to meet us at the park to play. (they have a 1yr old little boy named Joseph) They said sure, but Joseph was with his grandparents... so just the two of them met up with us. It was so much fun! They are a great couple and I really want to hang out with them more. He's just out of troop school and super eager to work. Clayton is still happy and excited about work so I'm sure the two of them will hit it off great! The woman is a stay at home mom too, and I invited her to join our playgroup Tuesday morning. I really hope she comes! She seemed excited about it! So, we all might have a new friend soon!

Clayton is napping right now getting ready for his long weekend. He's off to work at 5pm tonight and I don't expect him back home until 4 or 5am tomorrow. Pray for his safety and my ability to sleep!

Guess where we're going on the 26th! THE CIRCUS! Yippie! The Ringling Brothers are going to be at Altel then and we took madison when she was 3 and are so excited to go back! It's such a great show! They say "It's the Greatest Show on Earth!" ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Growing Girl

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Do you ever have one of those days that you look at one or all of your kids and think, "Oh my... how did they get this big?" Today is that day for me in regards to Madison. After a GREAT time at playgroup this morning the kids and I went to WalMart. I bought Madison a big girl booster seat. (finally) I got her the Graco "Safe Seat" and it's "really cool" as Madison says! It's hard for me to think that she's done, forever, with a five point harness seat. Now it's all big girl stuff. She loves her new seat and can't wait to ride in it. (and I actually put the thing together all by myself! So proud!) While we were at WM I bought about half of the school supplies she needs. It was so strange walking those aisles picking up crayons, markers, glue, and scissors... but it hit me the hardest when we got to the folders. She picked out one with a butterfly on it and one with rainbows and unicorns on it. (do these selections surprise anyone? lol) I can so clearly remember the excitement of picking out the notebooks and folders I wanted for school.. and it's a little hard to think that my baby girl is now a big girl going to school! I did find her Year Book from PreK and got to see a picture of her teacher. (Mrs. Koone) She looks so familiar to me, but I'm pretty sure I've never met her. I think it's neat that she was the art teacher last year seeing as how Art is Madison's favotire thing! I hope that she'll get to do a lot of artistic work in class. Okay, so what if this entire post is about Madison. I'm feeling emotional about my child growing up on me!

On a slightly different note, playgroup this morning was such a great time. I'm loving the group of women we have coming! It felt so relaxed... just an easy going good time. If it weren't so darn hot, it would've been perfect! I have Parent Group tonight.. so double the excitement!

Clayton is training one of the new troopers starting tonight! This guy is stationed in Lake Village, so Clayton will be working down there with him a lot I bet. We got three new troopers down here in Troop F, so watch out you speeders! ;)

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