Saturday, August 12, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame

Posted by Mandy at 4:39 PM
So, who all ventured out to see any of the Babe Ruth games? We caught our first one this afternoon.. it was so much fun! It was insanely hot, but the kids were fantastic and wow, those guys are great baseball players! Clayton played baseball from Tball up until he was about 14ish.. and he's itching to play now that he's watched that game! He even got to go to Ohio to play the Babe Ruth series there one year! Cool hu? (even cooler, Ohio was one of the teams we saw play!) I got a nice sunburn on top of everything. Nothing horrible.. but it looks ridiculous. Why didn't I think ahead and wear a tank top? Nope... silly me.. I wore a capsleeved shirt, can you picture how silly I'll look the next time I DO put on a tank top? Maybe it'll fade quickly!

Madison is officially signed up for dance! Thursday nights, that's where we'll be. Okay, it's only a 30 min. class but we're all really excited! Tuesday or Wednesday night we'll be going to stay with my mom and she's offered to take us school clothes shopping and then to buy madison's dance clothes and shoes! man.. I love my mom! :) I cannot wait to pick out tutu's and leotards and tap shoes.. oh this is what mommies of little girls dream about!! We're pretty sure we'll do soccer too. After talking to some veteran soccer moms, I feel confident it will be lots of fun. Carter is easier to keep up with now too... that will make things much easier.

Can anyone else not believe that school starts in just NINE days?! It'll be even sooner than that for those reading this late! lol Wow, I've got to go buy the rest of her school supplies! (plan on doing that tomorrow!) If anyone finds any large lunch boxes and aren't hideous.. PLEASE let me know! She has two cute ones.. but they hardly hold anything! It's so frustrating!


Lou Arnold on Saturday, 12 August, 2006 said...

Hadn't made it to the games yet. I think we are going to go next Saturday to the championship game with my brother. I can't wait. I love little league baseball, even though this isn't really little league.

K.T. says peace on Saturday, 12 August, 2006 said...

I love baseball too-I played t-ball and softball for somewhere around 13 years,although I have been having trouble getting excited about this world series.Who Knows?After two weekends in a row I am almost completely done with school clothes shopping-still some winter clothing to buy.Wal-Mart in the big ole town of P.B. carries an excellent selection of dance outfits.I went out and bought their school supplies last night-Everything but play doh and black dry erase markers(they were out) and backpacks-It was $125! Can you believe that.....and still not done-LOL

Mandy on Saturday, 12 August, 2006 said...

I couldn't find playdough either! Doesn't walmart ever restock their shelves?!

Mark W. on Saturday, 12 August, 2006 said...

Anything from WalMart is going to be hideous: even lunch boxes. I saw what they had to offer: what were they thinking? Oh, yeah - cheap!

Ang found a really cute "Hello Kitty" lunch bag up at the Country Village toy shop in Star City. Other than that, I'd guess that only a trip to Little Rock is going to solve this important problem.

Angelina on Sunday, 13 August, 2006 said...

I found the cutest little girls lunch box at the Country village. It is Hello Kitty but way cute. I paid around 20 for it though. Oh and on my site was a whole post about the coolest lunch box ever! It's also linked on my sidebar! Hope that helps.

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