Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mommy burn out!

Posted by Mandy at 4:41 PM
Okay.. the night shift has now officially taken its toll on me. I am suffering from some serious mommy burn out. If I have to clean up one more mess, fix one more meal, or even just listen to one more story.. I might need to scream. The weekends are always the hardest, I truly do not see clayton at all.. maybe an hour a day. My stress is of course worse right now because I'm in the one week wait now.. it's even worse than the two week wait. lol I don't think I'm pg... as in I don't have ANY hope that it happened this month.. but i'm ready to go ahead and get a new month going so I can call my doctor and find some answers and hopefully pain releif! Am I whining? I know.. I am.. I'm sorry! I'm just plain worn out tonight. I need a break BIG TIME. (or just another adult to actually talk to.. that might help)

Thank the Lord for the rain! Wow we got a thunderstorm this afternoon! I know the plants are happy. :) It's a bit funny to me because Clayton and I were just wondering if he'd have to mow the yard again before next spring since a lot of our grass has died from lack of water. Now that it's rained so much.. I bet we'll find nice new LONG patches of grass that need to be mowed really soon.. he'll be SO excited! lol

Okay, for some reason I'm feeling a bit out of touch with everyone. I was just at the James's last week... but I guess missing playgroup did me in or something! I hope we can all get together sometime soon.. I need some playtime!


K.T. says peace on Sunday, 13 August, 2006 said...

Oh I can imagine but if no one has ever told you,It is okay!It is okay to go outside every once in awhile and scream to your hearts content.And it does make you feel better.I told my husband that everyones prayers for rain must have built up and compacted for two days of rain.Yesterday the town was flooded.I went to Little Rock with a couple of friends and it only rained until Rye then it was Sunny and beautiful,so it was definitely a God Send.I have been feeling out of touch also....I dont know why that is.:)

Angelina on Monday, 14 August, 2006 said...

Is play group getting together tomarrow?

Leslie said...

Hey girly, you know we can get Brian to watch the kids for a few and go do something. I don't care if it is just driving around listening to music. Everyone needs a break!!

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