Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Posted by Mandy at 1:05 PM
Praise the Lord, the doctor said Madison does not have strep. So, if any of your kids get sick with fever, weird body rash, sore throat, possibly puking, etc... it's probably the same highly contagious virus we (and everyone else) have been passing around. Thankfully we've all been well for the past 24 hours.. so we can leave the house together again!

I don't have much time to post right now, but I did want to ask for a serious prayer chain to go for me. I've been in a pretty severe amount of pain this month (and the past few) over these cysts. If I didn't get pg this month, I'll be calling my doctor to see what he can do for me. I'm afraid this will put our trying to get pg on hold and that's a thought I don't even want to think. So PLEASE pray for me.. for my doctor, and for my health! Thank you!


K.T. says peace on Wednesday, 09 August, 2006 said...

Its as good is done! Good luck,hope you and your family will be well again soon.

Lou Arnold on Wednesday, 09 August, 2006 said...

You are in my prayers as all ways.

Angelina on Wednesday, 09 August, 2006 said...

Praying...Maybe it's pregnancy cramps. I got those when I got pregnant with Valerie. I will pray for you. I am glad that you all aren't infected with strep. Nasty booger that is!

Lee Ann James on Wednesday, 09 August, 2006 said...

You got it. Let me know if there's anything Taylor and I can do to help down the line. We love you guys! I'm so glad you came over tonight! What a blast we had!

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