Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 2, so far so good!

Posted by Mandy at 10:39 AM
I took my second dose of Femara this morning and so far no side effects! I have been a bit tired, but nothing horrible. I hope I continue to feel this good throughout the rest of the month!

I'm so excited that Small group is starting up tonight! Madison also is bumping up from Cubbies to Sparks! ACK! I am so not ready for all of these changes... but she's so excited. I guess the Sparks are the ones that wear the red vests? I dunno, but I'll find out tonight. Clayton won't be with me for Small Group b/c he is going with his Dad to one of the last games at Ray Winder Field. That kind of sucks but I'm glad he's getting to go!

I've been walking every single morning (weekdays anyway) since school started and I've lost one whole pound. :) lol Hey, you've got to start somewhere! I'm also lifting weights again and eating less/better. I feel a heck of a lot better, that's for sure! It's a lot easier to go for a walk now that it's a bit cooler outside! How about the weather today hu?! Wow.. we've been outside almost all day long enjoying it before we end up back in the 90s again.


K.T. says peace on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

Did the doctor say how long you would be on the femara before it is the optimal time for getting pregnant,I mean is there a timeframe for how long you need or have to be on it before getting pregnant is a possibility?
I guess if I went to small group I would know what Cubbies and Sparks are but I dont.So what are they.LAST games at Ray winder field? I must be out of the loop again,LOL.
I am sooooo excited about Fall!

Brandy on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

we were there a couple a minutes before 8:30 and didn't leave til almost 9:30. it was wet, but fun. ang and i had a good visit. my friend i told ya about before used femara, as well. i need to tell her about your blog so she can see she is not alone. the whole infertility battle is really a struggle for her. i'm praying for both of you.

jenny on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling ok! The medicine isnt that bad to take. Hope you guys have fun tonight! I will be at playgroup next week.

K.T. says peace on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

Hey just wanted to let you know I found some online sites that sell lunchboxes that you might check out.....The sarut group on floor 3 or go to the toy box I dont know about the prices but check it out.

Mandy on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

thanks KT about the lunch box sites! I'll check em out!
I have to take the meds for 5 days. That should be all it takes for it to make my hormones insane enough to make, even me, produce eggs. lol I then go for an ultrasound (sept. 5) and if the eggs did grow I get a trigger shot to release the eggs... so right after that is prime baby making time! :)

Lou Arnold on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

I am glad that the hommone drugs are working well with you. You are still in our prayers.

Brandy on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

she has certainly been hormonal. . .is that a word? but its hard to tell how much is femara and how much is stress from work, the frustration of trying to make a baby and scheduled sex, the leftover clomid (i don't know how to spell it even tho i'm a nurse), just normal woman stuff or how much is the actual med. all in all, tho she struggles, she , like you, seems to be handling things well. her problem does seem a little different, though, because her body just isn't making follicles at all, and when she does they rarely grow to the size they need to be before releasing. i know that she has been through 1 cycle of femara, and then the shot to release the eggs, and is now beginning another month. she's frustrated, but still optimistic about having a baby.

Mandy on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

Brandy, it sounds like she and i are on the EXACT same plan! That helps me feel better to know that a different doctor told a different woman to do this! lol My problem is actually quite similar. Due to these cysts, I don't produce mature eggs.. or if I do.. the cysts 'trap' them and they're too old once they are released. (hence my crazy cycles!) So hopefully the Femara will grow mature eggs, and the Profasi injection will get them out asap!

Mark W. on Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 said...

Don't get me started on the Sparkies again! Yeah, they're the ones in little red vests. Sparkie, the mascot, is a "bug!" How appropriate for a bunch of little munchkins running around at thigh level wearing dangerously loose lapel pins!

Did I just say that? Well, that's how I remember it. Have a blast!

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