Friday, March 10, 2006

Why am I doing this?

Posted by Mandy at 4:40 PM
So... why am I blogging now? I guess the truth is that peer pressure never goes away. After hearing all about how cool blogging is amongst my fairly new circle of friends I decided to be a follower and go along with it. I also think it might be fairly theraputic to write out whatever is bouncing around in my head at the time.. my husband will be thankful.

So, about me. I'm Mandy... I'm a stay at home mother of two wonderful kids. Madison (4) and Carter (22 months). I have a great husband, Clayton, who is a State Trooper. Yes.. he saves the world daily (or maybe just the surrounding counties) and I love him for it. He's my real life super hero. Life is great for us now.. I can't really complain. We bought our first home in July of '05 and things have been fantastic for the most part since, minus the fact that Katrina hit right before we moved in and Clayton had to go to New Orleans THE DAY we moved the last box into the house for 2 weeks... My best gal pal Suzanne helped me move into our house, along with tons of help from her hubby, Matt and their great kids. I also had a crappy week that first week with a washer that decided it would drain all over the floor instead of out of the pipe and a plumber that took total advantage of my ignorance on washers... don't worry.. my hubby came home and saved the day once again. So.. after all of the chaos, things settled and have been nice lately. So.. in the calm of everything I decided I wanted another baby! I mean... things are nice and quiet around here most of the time... I'm finally getting a decent night's sleep... why keep that going? Time to add another screamer to the mix! So, for the past 4 months we've been trying to add to our family with no luck thus far. WE've never planned a baby before... I thought it would be much cooler than it has been.. to be honest I'm hating the planning.... b/c the planning is leading to disappointment each month when I learn that I'm not pregnant. I've also discovered that there are very few ppl in the real world you can openly talk to about your feelings and what you're going through with trying to get pregnant... and that most people, no matter how well meaning, are total idiots when it comes to what it REALLY takes to try to get pregnant. "Just relax" "You're just trying too hard" "It's all in God's timing" "Wow you're still not pg?" are ALL things that do not make me feel better. The TOP thing on my list of "what I do not want to hear" is "You want ANOTHER?!" or... when one of my kids is being a kid "Are you SURE you want one more?" Okay... fist off, since when did having only 2 kids become what everyone in America should do.. and when did 3 kids become some huge crazy number? If we all (in general) think as much of kids as we say we do... how wonderful they are, what a blessing they are, how they are God's precious gifts to us... then why do we look at ppl like they have three heads when they think of having more than one or two? Wow.. seems I had more on my mind for my first blogg than I thought! I think I should stop now in hopes of not boring anyone who ventures here! Don't worry.. I'll get into the blogg swing of things!


Kristy on Saturday, 11 March, 2006 said...

so glad you've joined us. keep up the great blogging and i can't wait to hear are an incredible blessing and i'm glad you see it that way even amidst the screaming, sleepless nights! :)

by the way, i LOVE being the first to leave a comment for someone. Yeah, team!

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