Saturday, March 25, 2006

A shout out?

Posted by Mandy at 8:54 PM
So, if you are lurking around on my blogg would you give me a hollar on the comments and let me know? Sometimes I feel I'm posting in vain so give me some insight! :)

We had a great day today. Went to visit friends and their 7 weeks old little boy.. I got to hold him and he was so darn sweet. He was grunting, rooting, fussing, and sleeping. I even got a few smiles. :) Strange how a teeny tiny squirmy bald creature can make such huge feelings come up in your soul. I didn't even feel sad b/c I don't have a teeny tiny bald creature of my own right now.. just so happy to be in his presence. That's how I plan to stay throughout this adventure. Kicking the Devil outta my head.. my brain's mushy enough after 2 kids, I don't need him in there screwing around.

So, did you know that Wal-Mart can be a really fun place to go with your kids if you take a girlfriend along with you? Leslie went along with the kids and me tonight on a big grocery adventure and it was a blast. The kids acted fine (though there was a slight fit from Carter b/c he wanted a sucker at the checkout line and mamma said, "no.") It's always great to get out and be with friends. If I can't hang out with my husband on a Saturday night, it's good to know that I can generally find a friend to pal around with instead. Speaking of my husband.. poor thing. He worked 5pm-4am last night.. and he had to get up at 10am this morning so we could go visit our friends, then we got home at 5pm and he immediately grabbed his radio out of his car to "check 10-8" (meaning he's at work as soon as he tells the Warren Operator he's 10-8) he rushed in and got dressed and was off to work again. Who knows how late he'll be out tonight.. being the last weekend of spring break and all. When I talked to him around 7:30pm and told him I was on my way to Wal-Mart he sounded so concerned and said "please be careful, there are so many drunks out tonight!" Well, we made it there and back safely, so praise be to God for that! So, just praying my 'Blue Knight' gets home safe and sound as well.


Suzanne on Sunday, 26 March, 2006 said...

i'm always here. lurking. i love y'all so much, girl.
your poor dragon-slayer, i'm glad he's out there keepin' us all safe. i'm sorry you're always home waitin' on him to ride in on his white horse. you are a princess, you know? a damsel in distress. and that's a good thing. hang in there, and you're right, God is whispering how much he loves you. even now.

Jeff Noble on Sunday, 09 April, 2006 said...

Thanks for your posting discipline. I'm glad to see that you've turned it into a discipline. Wow. Now if we can just get those Parkers on board!;)

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