Saturday, March 11, 2006


Posted by Mandy at 4:00 PM
Well, we had a rough night last night. Carter, after having done so well on the bedtime front for the past two weeks, decided last night that he would fight me on it again. I'd lay him down, he'd get up, I'd lay him back down, he'd get back up. After probably his 15th time out of bed (seriously) I was really getting mad at him. It took about 45 minutes to get him to stay in bed and go to sleep.. in the course of that time I yelled at him and really really wanted to smack him... I felt horrible when I yelled at him ("Carter, in bed NOW!") and I'm so glad I calmed down and walked away when I wanted to hit him. He still ended up in bed with me around midnight... which was fine with me since Clayton's supposed 2am shift didn't end until 6am. (careful driving guys! drunks are everywhere!! The warm weather makes people go insane I swear!) We all got up as Clayton was going to bed at 6am... we had a big day ahead. Madison's friend since birth was having her 5th birthday party and Madison was thrilled! It was an hour drive to get there, we stayed for 2 hrs, and another hour drive back home. I'm sooo tired. I got home at 4pm.. just enough time to say hello to Clayton and watch him get ready to go back out to work at 5pm. I'll be so glad when this month is over! The night shift is killin` me. I 'think' next month will be the awesome shift that's like a normal job... 8am-5pm and weekends off! Not sure though... it'll be nice to get together with friends on weekends again though if he is.

Wait a second.. I just realized I've posted nothing about my obsessive trying to get pg journey yet! The countdown has started... in about 12 days I'll know if this was the month or not. I'm sure to lose my mind before then, cry at least once, and eat enough to gain another few pounds from the stress of it all!

Oh..... guess what Madison did this morning.. she BIT Carter! :o Yeah.. really. My totally non aggressive (though she is mouthy!) child actually bit her little brother.. that was first thing this morning.. I could've killed her! She was in time out forever it seemed before I was calm enough to deal with her... her consequence was to lose her most beloved possession that she has.. her crayons.. for the rest of the day. She's asked several times to color... I have to keep saying "Do you remember why you lost your crayons?" She lowers her head and nods yes... "because I bit Carter...." Hopefully this will not happen again. Sibilng rivalry BITES! They're making me crazy I tell ya! I feel bad for Madison though... Carter is in a particularly hard stage right now with yelling, hitting, throwing, and screaming "no" at anyone around him. In general he's silly and cuddly.. but several times a day he feels the need to see what he can get away with and what will happen if he hits me over and over again. Fun, fun! You parents out there know what I'm talking about.. don't act like it's just me!


Suzanne on Saturday, 11 March, 2006 said...

Don't beat your kids ... THAT IS CLAYTON'S JOB!!!

Matthew Laron

i'm loving your blog!! i already linked you on my site!
you're so awesome at this - as everything ;)!


Jeff Noble on Sunday, 12 March, 2006 said...

Mandy! Welcome to blogging! I'm glad I've got someone else's blog that I can turn to for my daily fix of normal life! You're a great writer and communicate your thoughts well! Can't wait to keep checking things out!

Uh... was Clayton on duty on 278 Saturday a.m. about 12:40? No particular reason... I just happened to be driving there and uh... saw some blue lights. Just for a brief moment.. I think the cop was trying to warn someone on the road about that time that they might be driving too fast.

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