Friday, March 17, 2006

fun times with the fam!

Posted by Mandy at 6:46 PM
Clayton finally got his day off from work and we headed to the big city to go to the zoo! We stayed with my Mom so we'd be close and had a wonderful time. We stayed at the zoo with the kids for about 3 hours... ate lunch there and everything, and I got a nice sunburn too. (ouch!) I feel like the worst mother because though I had a whole bottle of Baby Magic sunscreen in the diaper bag... it was so cloudy most of the time we were there I never thought they'd need it.. so both of my 'babies' have pink faces. I don't really understand why I'm the one that got really baked though.. the rest of the 'clan' was in the sun just as much as I was! After the zoo we went to visit our new neice and her family. She's 2 weeks old now and I got to hold her while she slept for a whole hour! Oh it was sooo nice. Poor thing was sick though and that same night they had to take her to the hospital where they will be staying for a few days because she has bronchialitis (sp?) and pnemonia!! We're all very worried so please lift her in your prayers. They think she'll be just fine.. but still... it's so scary to have your TWO WEEK old diagnosed with such potentually dangerous things. I'll call them tomorrow to get an update. Her poor mom and dad are exhausted... neither of them had any sleep last night.. as I'm sure I wouldn't either in their positions.

Speaking of no sleep... I'm holding my sleeping baby boy in my lap right now because after his 17th or so time out of bed tonight I decided I was too exhausted to fight him on it tonight and that since it's our first night back home, after two away, I"ll give him a break, let him act his age, and hold him while he drifts to sleep. If he'll just sleep tonight, I will be happy. I can remember hearing friends talk about how their kids didn't sleep through the night until they were 2 or 3 and thinking (when Carter was a wee baby) that I for sure would never 'allow' my child to not sleep through the night for that long... it must be the parents not doing something right since Madison was a fantastic sleeper and rarely woke up at night after she hit a year old. Does God like seeing us stick our feet in our mouths or what?! He blessed me with Carter... the child as opposite as his sister as opposite could get! He'll turn 2 on May 1... and he is still challenging at night. He's fairly challening in general, but he does make up for it with is extreme silliness and the way he loves to cuddle.

Well, for those who are wondering, just a few more days until I find out if I got pg this month. The waiting starts to get to me right about this time. I feel the emotionalness creeping up on me. I feel a little more irratable and a little like I could cry over absolutely nothing. In about one more week I'll know for sure if it was our month. I hope so... I truly cannot imagine having to move on to the fifth month. I might lose my mind! I never thought this would be so emotionally draining for ME... I know other women have gone through the ups and downs of this, but never would I have thought I'd be one of them. I've actually starting praying for a miracle this month... it's so scary to ask for this because if I'm not pg this month.. what do I think? All you can think is that God knows more than you do... and just deal with it! He's got great things coming.. if you'll just be still and wait. I just pray for peace during this time... I really need it.

So, that's my life over the past few days, thanks if you made it this far!


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