Friday, March 31, 2006

The 'Darla' (fish) story

Posted by Mandy at 8:54 PM
For Suzy: The story of how our Beta fish "Darla" tried to kill clayton.

We kept our beloved Darla, who we owned for well over a year before he (yes, a boy fish named Darla.. hey, Madison was only 2ish when we got him!) met his fate. We originally kept him on the kitchen bar so we could all see him up close.. but after madison kept climbing onto the counter to 'play' with him, we had to move him for his safety. The top of the fridge became his new home. He seemed to enjoy it up there.. he had a great view into the living room and could watch our ever move up there. One day Clayton opened the freezer to grab some ice... and CRASH! Darla jumped off of the top of the fridge and nearly knocked clayton in the head with his huge fish bowl full of water. Okay, so really the bowl somehow got scooted too close to the edge and when the freezer door opened, it fell... but if that would've hit clayton on the head, like it really almost did, I know we'd have been in the ER! (or worse, it was very heavy!) Poor Darla got hurt.. we put him in a smaller bowl and tried to nurse him back to health... but after a day or two he was a goner. It was quite sad.. I never thought I'd get attatched to a fish, but Darla will forever hold a place in my heart. To be honest, Clayton talks about him still.. and madison remembers him too. So, that's the Darla story! Now onto more important blogg topics!

Does anyone else wake up EVERY morning totally exhausted, vowing to go to bed 'early' that night? Yep.. that's me. Each morning the alarm goes off and I lay there thinking, "Oh it would be awesome to get another hour or two! I'm going to bed early tonight!" Then, as soon as the kids are in bed, I get a rush of energy. Don't get me wrong.. I'm tired.. I'm sleepy.. but I do not want to go to bed. I'd rather watch what I want to watch on tv, read a book, get online, or even clean a little. I guess this is my "me" time. It's worth being tired for. Clayton's out tonight as usual too, the 5pm-2am shift. He's got to go to work at 1pm tomorrow so it'll be great to have him on on a SATURDAY night at 10pm! Assuming nothing crazy happen and he's actually home on time.. I can't wait for that! It's the small things in life, like getting to actually go to be WITH my husband that make me happy. :)

I spent a great but crazy evening with Suzy P. tonight. I swear, MY kids were insane. One or both of them seemed to be whining or crying most of the time. I know, they're tired, it's Friday night, they've had a long week, but dang it, I just wanted to have a conversation. I still had a really good time.. it's always nice not to be home alone all night. Carter was snoozing in the car when we got home and I put him right to bed. I wonder how long he'll stay there tonight before he comes to get into bed with me. I really like him in there with me when Clayton's not home!

Do you guys ever watch that show on TLC (or BBC) What Not to Wear? It is my favorite Friday night thing to do... it's funny, it's so not serious, and it puts nothing but silly thoughts into my head. And lots of thoughts like "oh no.. I have pants JUST like the ones they're dogging on.." But hey.. if someone would hand me 5 grand to go shopping with for ME.. I'd be stylin too!

Okay, I really should try to get into bed. I'm tired.. and morning is gonna be here before I know it!


Kristy on Saturday, 01 April, 2006 said...

okay, does EVERY person i know have a fish story or what? too funny (but only since Clayton is no worse for the wear)...

LOVE WHAT NOT TO WEAR! it's so entertaining to me and i would love to be on there. well, now that i think about that, maybe not, but hey it might help my lack of stylishness and they always look skinnier when clinton and stacy get done with them. maybe if we went together for the help?!?!?

Suzanne on Monday, 03 April, 2006 said...

thank you. thank you. :)
the world is a little better place for that post!

and i watched what not to wear the other night for the first time. i loved it!

tag! it's your turn to do the personality test so we can all comment!

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