Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Broken Toddler

Posted by Mandy at 9:41 AM
Our whirlwind of a week is finally over... did everyone around the world hear my huge sigh of relief when my husband walked into the house Friday evening? I heard angels sing!

Samuel is doing much better. His pain seems to be much much better and as of today he's no longer even on Motrin. So far, he's shown no signs of needing it. He's being his usual self! Running, spinning, falling on his broken arm... Thankfully he's so young that he's healing at a rapid rate. The brace that he's in is wonderful because we can easily remove it for quick baths and then re-wrap it once he's out and dry. Even with that, it is getting so stinky already. Do you know how much an 18 month old can get on an arm wrap within one day? He's supposed to wear this thing for 4 weeks! Yuck!

We've seen our family doctor and she said he looks great - considering. We go to an orthopedic specialist on the 26th to re X-ray his arm and make sure it is healing properly. It seems to me that if it is not healing properly in two weeks time.. it will be quite an ordeal to make it heal correctly?? I guess they are not too worried about due to the type of fracture it is.

Thank you all for your kind emails, comments, and phone calls! When you're alone with a broken toddler.. it is extremely helpful to have so much support! Hearing another adult's voice or reading their words means everything when you're on child-overload!

On a different note, we had an amazing weekend! Since Samuel was running all over the place, we took up a ton of friends on their offer to all meet in Little Rock for a night of fun while my mom kept the kids. We ate at a fantastic Hibachi grill (and I was the only woman that would try to catch the food when the chef threw it.. missed all three times!) and then headed to Willy D's. That's a great place to go hang out! It's a dueling piano bar... which kind of sounds like a classy kind of place.. HA. No... it's loud, crazy, and lots of fun! These guys, and girl, were so awesome. They play almost any song you request, no sheet music, and perform all at the same time. I hurt from laughing all night!

We topped it off by all staying at the Marriott afterwards. We nearly took up one whole wing of the third floor! Can I tell you how good it feels to wake up and not have to immediately jump out of bed because of a fussy baby, or starving children? Oh.. the joy. By the time we packed up and were in the car to go get our babies, I definitely was missing them. One evening away is all I needed to completely be ready to get back to being Mommy again. Walking into my mom's front door to have all three of them shout "MOMMY! DADDY!" was awesome! It's so good to miss them every now and again.

Clayton and I have decided to try to go out for a night or two like that at least once every couple of months. One grand thing about my kids getting older... my anxiety about leaving them overnight is gone! I know they're fine - I know they're being spoiled rotten and eating all kinds of candy - and I know that I'm going to be a whole new mom after some time away. Not to mention, it's darn fun to just go out with my husband!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like such fun,dueling pianos,cool!!

When Riannion was staying here,baby J broke her arm too,the same way Samuel broke his to boot,but she got a regular cast.Poor thing looked miserable!!Its just no fun.

Quiskaeya on Thursday, 22 January, 2009 said...

So glad to hear that Samuel is healing so quickly! I know how scary that must have been for you. So I'm glad that you are feeling better too.

That night out sounded fabu! Definately my kind of fun with the hubby type of night. I really is so important to get that time away from the kiddos and reconnect with our first loves.

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews on Sunday, 25 January, 2009 said...

we had a night away last weekend, and went to Sonny Williams. It was GREAT!!!!!!!

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