Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Toddler With a Broken Arm

Posted by Mandy at 8:10 AM
Yes.. you read that correctly. Samuel, my 18 month old tot, fell off of my bed last night and fractured both of the bones in his forearm. (as if one bone wasn't enough?) After an hour straight of hysterical screaming by him, and crying by me, I got Lee Ann to come sit with my big kids so I could take my poor baby to the ER.

Clayton is gone for training all week, OF COURSE, so I was so thankful to have friends that could help me. Being home alone with the three kids is challenging enough at times, adding a baby with a broken arm doesn't make my life any easier! Ah well... what are ya gonna do.

The ER trip was the first I've ever made with my kids. That's quite a feat I suppose... three kids, 7 years of parenthood, and only one ER trip. I was afraid that I'd get there and look like an idiot.. all upset, swearing he was hurt, only to have nothing be wrong. However, I'd have preferred that to the shock I got when the X-rays showed his little tiny bones out of place in there. Ugh... it's so sad. I feel awful. I was putting clothes in the washing machine when it happened, I wasn't even there. Wasn't watching him. Didn't prevent it. Talk about Worst Mom of the Year. I didn't even know he was on my bed... Madison had to bring him to me with him screaming in pain. Can we say guilt like never before?

One sturdy splint, a big ace bandage, lots of Motrin, and a daddy walking through the ER doors after rushing in from Little Rock... he's actually doing quite well. He acts completely fine unless he forgets he's injured and tries to push himself up or something with that arm. Then it's a gasp, a scream, and crocodile tears... from both of us. I really cannot stand to see him in pain like this. I just wish I could take it away!

I'm so thankful that if he was going to be injured, that we walked away with this and not a broken neck, a broken leg, or a worse break in his arm. In reality, it's not really a big deal... but when it's YOUR baby, it sure feels like one.

I have said since Samuel was a year old that he would be "the one" that would be the cause of the first ER trips and things of the sort. I never imagined it would happen this soon, though! Clayton headed back to Little Rock this morning.. and I need your prayers to make it through the rest of this week. Considering that I backed my van out into a deep ditch this morning while trying to rescue a stray dog and had to enlist many WONDERFUL people to get me out... I'm not starting out so hot! And yes, I cried over that as well. I think it's just too much stress for me for one week.


A.J. Huffman on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 said...

Oh no, poor Sam! A trip to the ER is never fun. If you need me for anything, just let me know. I'll do what I can.

The Brown's on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 said...

Oh my. You put my drama into perspective this morning. I hope you little one heals fast and your week gets better.

Lou on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 said...

Poor Mandy! It always seems like bad things happen in pairs. If you need us to come watch the kids and you get a needed break let us know. We are here for you.

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 said...

been there.....Karsyn crawled up behind me and got her arm stuck in the treadmill belt when I was running on it when she was less than a yr old... (I have the worst mom of the year trophy in my closet if you'd like to have it for a while!)

We have had a lot of ER trips from febrile seizures, spinal meningitis, a non breathing kid from an asthma attack.... you are lucky and blessed that this is your first time! I know it's horrible to have your kid hurting, but at least his little bones will heal quickly, and at least it's not 110 degrees with him in a cast! (hint hint, trying to be an optimist!)

Mandy on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 said...

Omgosh.. I can only imagine how much worse this would be if it were in the middle of summer. It's hot enough without a cast on! ugh..

SHelley, I think you've paid your dues now with ER trips. lol Tell your kids that they are not allowed to have anymore emergencies. ;)

Denise Garcia said...

Hey Mandy, Carlos had told me about your ordeal with Sam...hope he's doing better now. Seems like things like this only happens when the hubby is away, doesn't it? I know every time Carlos was deployed with the Army, at least one thing in the house or car either broke down or fell apart! End we've had several trips to the ER...the most recent with Emily, she rammed her head into our bedpost and split it, no stitches though thank goodness. Carlos wanted me to tell you that if anything like that ever happens again, call him...even if he's not on duty he'll help you out. He knows all of the ER staff, you won't have to wait. And you can call me anytime you need me, especially with Clayton away...I've been there, I know how it is! You can get Carlos' number from Clayton. Hugs to you and repeat after me...That which does not kill me will make me stronger!

Mandy on Friday, 16 January, 2009 said...

Thanks, Denise! I told Clayton that some weird shift in the universe must occur each time he's gone.. b/c something insane always happens when he's away!!

I was really glad that everyone that the hospital knew Clayton. They were all super nice and helpful and thankfully I was the only one in there! (that I saw) I had no wait... and it felt more 'homey' because they immediately kinda bonded with us as "Clayton's family." The lady that did his X-Ray was so sweet.. and she's a trooper's wife's sister. (got that? lol) It was a good experience... as far as trips to the ER go. lol

Quiskaeya on Sunday, 18 January, 2009 said...

Oh no! Amanda I'm so sorry to hear. You ARE NOT the worse Mother. It could have happened to any of us Mothers. But I know how easy it is to feel that way. (((hugs))) to you and Samuel.

I'm so glad it wasn't worse, but feel your pain that it had to happen at all. The great thing is that toddlers are so resilient and bounce back so much better than we do.

Mama on Tuesday, 09 June, 2009 said...

i happened across your post, having just returned from the ER with my 19-month old who also fractured the very same 2 bones in her forearm. we are to follow up with an orthopedist tomorrow. if you have any advice about the rest of your experience, such as what kind of cast is easiest, how long recovery took, etc....i'd love to hear it!!

Mandy on Wednesday, 10 June, 2009 said...

Hi, "Mama" and thanks for stopping by!

My son actually did not require a hard cast, praise God! We just had to wrap it VERY snuggly with a big ace bandage. Under the bandage they placed a cut-to-fit foam splint that had metal inside of it. This held the bones steady but allowed us to unwrap his arm for bathtime... which was a huge blessing!!

For pain we simply alternated Tylenol and Motrin. In all honesty, the pain was really minimal as long as his arm was wrapped. He had to wear the wrap for three weeks and once we took it off, I could tell not having that support caused him a lot more discomfort so we put it back on until he was totally comfortable without it on. (about another week - 4 weeks total.)

The worst part was his young age and his unsteady-ness. (is that a word?) He fell so often and caught himself with that arm.. oh my.. that was painful! He busted his nose and mouth a few days after the incident b/c he had learned NOT to catch himself and he face planted onto the floor. Sheesh!

I hope your little girl heals as quickly as my son did. He'll be two on the 13th and we've had NO further problems! I posted a few updates somewhere after it happened about the orthopedic specialist visit and such... might be helpful if you want to search for them. :)

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