Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Resolve To...

Posted by Mandy at 5:18 PM
If you're like me, each year you make a New Year's resolution that you really intend to keep, only to completely forget what you had even resolved to do (or not do) a few weeks later. This year, I've got my mind set! Though I have numerous personal goals, I feel that the main two will help me with all of the others. So, my two big resolutions for the year of 2009 are to:
1. Read the New Testament in a year. (see Lou's blog for a link to the reading plan.)
2. Get back to tough and regular workouts.
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....
To help with each of these, I have a few tools. Tool #1 was given to me from my church on Mother's Day, along with all of the other moms. It's called The One Year New Testament for Busy Moms. It breaks the New Testament down into mini sections that only take about five minutes a day (or less) to read. If you do it each day (or play catch-up if you miss a day or two) then you will have read through the New Testament in one year. Pretty cool!
Tool #2 is actually probably going to end up being several tools. New exercise DVD's. I have quite a collection of great exercise videos and DVD's. From Pilates to Yoga, strength to cardio... I've got it all covered. The problem is that I've gotten really bored of most of them simply from doing them for years on end.
To my delight, I saw a $9 rack at Walmart full of exercise DVD's! All brand new! (at least to me.)
Tonight, after a leader meeting at church, I ran into Walmart, with all of my kids, just to grab one or two of them. In reality, I wanted them all! I settled for the two I thought looked the most legit. 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels and The Biggest Loser: The Workout by Bob Harper.
I'm going to tackle the Jillian Michaels one tonight. I shall report back, if I am able to move enough body parts to make it to the computer desk tomorrow. I wonder how many workouts a woman that's had three children needs to do in order to acquire a six pack like hers?

Is anyone else on the get healthy, fit, or lose weight band wagon now that the holidays are up and it's a New Year? Want to try out these videos with me while they're so cheap? I need a workout buddy.. even if it's purely cyber! My four-legged jogging partners only work when it's not raining.


Lou on Sunday, 04 January, 2009 said...

I am going to start the whole running thing. When we get to the new house I am going to do 1.5 miles. But in the mean time I am going to start at the UAM pond. This is all going to be done by myself. So therefore, I am also getting some me time in.

I will have to bring the moon after we move. It is back up. It is totally awesome.

Jennifer on Sunday, 04 January, 2009 said...

Keitha has that 30 minute shred, but we haven't tried it yet! We've been doing the Biggest loser boot camp one with Bob and we like it a lot! I've wanted to try the workout one too! She also has the cardio one! I'm reading that Busy mom's bible now. I love the way it's broken down. I need to read more often though for sure!

Rosjuane on Sunday, 04 January, 2009 said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I actually think this was almost every single bloggers resolution,and would probably be mine too,well,you know.Actually I hope to lose about 30 lbs this month...LOL.and then maybe about 70more after that.I wont say its my resolution because that seems to doom me to failure.

Now I am going to see if I can find that new testament book,that sounds right up my alley.I wonder if they have an old testament version too????

Anonymous said...

Is this it?

Mandy on Monday, 05 January, 2009 said...

Jennifer - I'm about to post about 30 Min. Shred.. DO IT! lol Can't wait to try the Boot Camp one.. I love Bob. :)

KT - Yes, that's it!

Lou - if you ever want company on a jog, give me a call! I'll bring along one of my pups for extra encouragement!

ash on Monday, 05 January, 2009 said...

good luck

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