Friday, November 07, 2008

Sad But True

Posted by Mandy at 7:18 AM
I try to avoid posting too much of the sad realities of dog shelter and rescue... I like to keep a positive attitude with the few dogs that we are able to save. However, a good friend and fellow dog rescuer emailed me this article and I had to at least link it. If you can ignore the poor writing quality and simply listen to the message, I think the impact will be great. Everything this person is writing is what I am seeing myself in our small town. I can only imagine how much worse the problem gets in bigger cities.

You can read the article here if you are interested.


mikes on Friday, 07 November, 2008 said...

so sad!!! i really admire what you, clayton, justin, and amanda do. i always had a dog growing up (usually from a farm or the pound) and still love dogs to this day. if the lease on my house didn't state that i couldn't have a dog, i would probably break down and get one.

Mandy on Friday, 07 November, 2008 said...

Michael - when you move and get to a place perfect for a pup.. I know JUST the gal to help you pick one out and help you train it. ;)

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