Monday, November 03, 2008


Posted by Mandy at 2:42 PM
I don't know where time is going. I was shocked a few days ago when I had to flip the calendar page over to a new month. I got a bit stressed when I realized that we're soon to be on the Christmas countdown and I'm behind on my shopping. How behind? Oh, you know, behind as in I have not bought ONE thing for anyone yet.

I do this every single year. For one reason or another (lack of time, lack of funds, lack of wanting to take three kids shopping due to my husbands lack of days off...) I always seem to wait until the last few weeks before Christmas to start shopping. This makes life much too crazy for someone like me! I do not enjoy chaos and avoid it if at all possible. Being in any store with every other Christmas-shopping-procrastinator like me is not my ideal scenario.

In all honesty, I haven't even given much thought to what we'll be getting the kids this year. Madison is easy - books. That's her only request. She loves to read, and she wants a million books for Christmas. Carter, I have no clue. He's so easy going that he really never gets very much into anything. He likes books, he likes sports, he likes some toys... but he doesn't seem to just LOVE any one thing. The good news is, he'll be completely thrilled with anything he unwraps. I can almost guarantee an equally giddy reaction from a new pack of plain, white socks or from the biggest and coolest toy ever created.

Samuel, he couldn't care less. He'll likely just throw his own gifts down to try to take away Madison and Carter's. He is going to be 17 months going on 2 years old by then. I can, however, already picture him completely enthralled with tearing open packages and finding the prize inside!

So, the next few weeks will hopefully open up an opportunity for me to at least start on some gift buying. Per the kids' request we have already pulled out their favorite Christmas CD in the van, and I am already growing weary of Carter's favorite, "Number 1!" which happens to be the Disney characters overly-excitedly singing "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town." Thanksgiving hasn't even hit yet and we all have Christmas-brain already! It is the best holiday of the year... I suppose starting the celebrations extremely early is acceptable.


Shelley on Monday, 03 November, 2008 said...

I got Jordan a ton of books on ebay, and I also suggest gift certs from Bellelise (in town) for stocking stuffers. My kids thought that was the best :)

Jennifer on Monday, 03 November, 2008 said...

I love Christmas too!! My kids aren't picky either, which is great!! They are pleased with just getting stuff!!

mikes on Monday, 03 November, 2008 said...

i have an idea...let your husband and i go to monroe again and we'll get all the shopping done. promise!

Lauren said...

Christmas shopping... what's that? Me neither girl. It will all be ok. I never get anything until the begining of December. You know things have been crazy around our house so I'm lucky if I remember to tie my shoes! I have to side with the kids- bring on the Chritmas music! I love it and it drives Daniel crazy :)

Amanda and Justin Dreyer on Tuesday, 04 November, 2008 said...

Oh are way ahead! we still have our pumpkin sitting outside.

Mandy on Wednesday, 05 November, 2008 said...

Michael - I'd be a tiny bit afraid to put all of the Christmas shopping into Clayton's hands. lol Maybe if you let me tag-a-long, you boys could go to Monroe together again... plus one. ;)

Amanda - we still have our pumpkins outside, too. lol

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