Thursday, November 06, 2008

Girls Are So Fun!

Posted by Mandy at 3:19 PM
The past few months have really packed a big punch to my brain that my daughter is turning into a big girl - with real friends. Our van serves as a taxi for many of her bestest buds a few days each week, and our home a fun house for after school playtime. When Madison was a toddler, I used to try to imagine how this point in parenthood would be. It's more fun than I could have ever imagined!

Sunday we brought home two of Madison's favorite gal pals, Rachael and Adelyn, from church. Those three were simply hilarious! They giggled, sang, and chit-chatted the entire way to our house. It brought back memories of my own friends riding home with me for play-days.

Once here, they took off to the back yard. Clayton has built a "playhouse" (more like "play-mansion") for the kids and it has been a huge hit with all of the boys and girls we've had over. Actually, even our own friends have enjoyed it! The girls had a field day sweeping each room, decorating the ramp railings, and sitting down to discuss all things girl. They even let Carter tag-a-long and were super sweet to him the entire afternoon.

Today we brought home another of Madison's best friends, Gracen. Gracen is actually Madison's first friend ever! They met when they were a little over a year old, and have been best buds since.

Before making the drive home, I had to take all of the kids to Wally World to pick up some things. The girls each had their little coin bags to carry in. They had a great plan to combine their money to buy something incredible! Upon entering the store, we took some time so they could sit on a bench and count their cash, only to discover that Madison's $2 and Gracen's $0.14 really did not buy very much. I told them that between now and next week, maybe they could do a little extra around their homes to earn some spending money and we'd come back when they had some more green to go around.

Even though they could not buy much more than a pack of gum - to share - they still asked to look at everything. So, we did. For the first time, I took Madison down the hair and make-up aisle as a big girl. Not because she's a tiny tot that just things it's fun to be like Mommy, but because she's growing up and wants things of her own - things her friends have. They picked out every shade of pink lip gloss to be found and every make-up bag with a bit of sparkle on it. We looked at head bands, pony-tail holders, clips, nail polish, YOU NAME IT. It was a blast! Thankfully, the boys are young enough to enjoy seeing pretty girly stuff, too.

It is just so amazing to see the transformation Madison is making right now. She's still so much my little girl. I am clinging to that! At the same time, her friends are becoming very important to her. She wants them here with her, or to be with them in their homes. She has no idea right now how incredibly blessed she is to be starting out in life with such good friends. Friends from stable, loving, Christian homes. Friends that will no doubt help keep her on the right track in those tough teen years. Friends that will hopefully always be there to laugh with, pray with, and pick out pink lip gloss with.

The fun is really just beginning with her. I am both excited, and scared to death, to see what the next several years bring!


Jennifer on Thursday, 06 November, 2008 said...

How fun!! My girls aren't quite old enough for all that, but it will come soon enough! I'm enjoying the boys having baseball and football buddies though! You'll have those years coming up real soon too!!

Mandy on Friday, 07 November, 2008 said...

Jennifer, you're right! I already think about what it will be like having a group of older boys in my house! lol I'm guessing a bit messier and a lot louder than having the girls! ;)

Lauren said...

Mandy! That brought tears to my eyes! They are such little ladies. We are so happy and thankful to have met you on that playground 6 yrs ago. We really love you guys so much!

PS- Now I know why Gracen asked me if she could clean up the house and I pay her!

Mandy on Monday, 10 November, 2008 said...

lol Lauren!! Oh yes... I was wondering when she'd drop the ball on you. ;) And, we love you, too!

Ana on Monday, 10 November, 2008 said...

Awwwwww your daughter sounds like a load of fun! Just reading that brought back memories of growing up. Eenjoy every last moment - they grow so fast. :)

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