Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We're home!

Posted by Mandy at 9:39 AM
We had a wonderful little vacation! Went to stay with my mom Sunday night, went to Hot Springs early Monday and went to Mid America Museum and spend a few hours looking and playing with everything! The kids liked some of it, didn't like some of it, but all in all a really fun time. Then we went downtown and hiked up to the Tower. Madison complained almost the entire way up there (we were all already tired.. so we ended up having to carry the kids most of the way up.. ugh...) Carter was terrified when we got into the clear elevator that you can watch yourself going up REALLY high and clung to me the entire time... I was clinging the side of the elevator because I too was terrified... I hate heights! We all were fine once we were up to the top. The kids thought it was really neat! Carter found a small puddle at the very top that he enjoyed more than anything else the entire day. :) We went back to my mom's that night, she watched the kids and Clayton and I went to The Outback to eat.. YUM! My favorite place! The next day we spent at Wild River Country.. it was SO much fun! Madison even liked a lot of the slides! She's just like her daddy... I hate most of those! We got home around 4:30pm and just collapsed... after unpacking that is. ;) Clayton has today off as well.. though he's been gone all morning helping his Gma clean a bedroom of hers because a friend from her high school is coming to stay with her! (talk about friends FOREVER! GMA IS 81!!)We've got group tonight so that should be fun! I've got to find out where we're having it.. someone give me a shout out and tell me! :)

Some sad news... I took a pg test this morning and it was negative so once my evil 'friend' shows up we'll be moving onto our 8th month. I'm okay with it... mainly I'm just sick of the rollar coaster ride of emotions, but what can ya do? God has the perfect time in his head...and I can't change it so it's not really worth being upset about I guess. I just pray my body will work correctly this go round like it did last month so I can at least have a shot at it.

Oh.. we should all be praising God for healing Jonah! My last report yesterday was that he's doing much better! Thank you Lord!


Lee Ann James on Wednesday, 21 June, 2006 said...

Wow! What a fun vacation! I can't wait to see you guys tonight so you can tell us more about it. So sorry about the pg're right, though! God's got the right time in mind. Stay positive, girl!

Lou Arnold on Thursday, 22 June, 2006 said...

Sorry about the pg test. It will all work out in the end. We all just hae to wait on God's timing.

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