Saturday, June 10, 2006

Birthday Shopping

Posted by Mandy at 8:27 PM
Don't you just love to have a good excuse to go shopping?! Madison's birthday party will be June 17 and I HAD to go shopping for her presents! I already know the two toy things she'll be getting from us... but she needs clothes too! So the whole family loaded up and went to the mall and I bought the CUTEST clothes for her. It was such a blast. It's amazing to me that I like shopping for the kids way more than I like shopping for me now. (don't get me wrong, I still really like shopping for me!) I can't wait for her to open all of her stuff... I hope she likes it all.

Our puppy, Major, (yes clayton won the name battle.. Major it is!) has disappeared! Well.. he's probably at our neighbors' house because he and their dog have been spotted playing together a lot lately. I just pray he comes home tonight or tomorrow morning for feeding time! We'll all be so sad if he doesn't come home. :(

Can I say how incredibly impatient I'm feeling? This month cannot end fast enough for me. I am so ready to know if we got our baby or not, it truly might make me crazier than I already am! At least Madison is home to help keep me more busy. Friends out there.. KEEP ME ENTERTAINED THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!


Jennifer on Sunday, 11 June, 2006 said...

Mandy, I am crazy! I hate this medicine. It was helping the contractions until Saturday morning. I have had contractions since Saturday constantly, I am trying to stay off my feet and in bed, but let's be honest. I have three children, how much bed rest can I get? I am glad ya'll had fun shopping. Rayleigh's B-day is June 21, so I am going shopping for her next weekend.

Brittany on Sunday, 11 June, 2006 said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement! It has been so helpful for me to hear from moms who have "been there". And my worries have subsided...for now! Right now I'm just ready to meet my baby!

Mandy on Tuesday, 13 June, 2006 said...

Jennifer I am so sorry girl!! I KNOW what you're going through! The meds worked great for me, at stopped contrax, for the first few days and then i slowly had more and more contraxs as the days went on. I felt like I was torturing myself with the meds for no reason! And to think, once I did go off of them at 37 weeks NOTHING happened! I easily made it to my csection date at 38.5 weeks. Hang in there girl!!!!

Brittany, your life is about to get as sweet at life gets. I promise!! :)

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