Wednesday, June 14, 2006

worn out!

Posted by Mandy at 12:27 PM
Ugh.. I'm in my 'fun' week where I'm just plain exhausted. I went walking with Leslie around her neighborhood this morning and barely made it! I'm so glad we went though.. it's always nice to chit chat while you burn some calories.

I ended up finding Major (the puppy) down the road at our neighbor's house.. he had followed someone down there and just got stuck. He hasn't left the house AT ALL since we brought him home! Maybe it was a scare that was good for him. The kids and I took him to the vet yesterday. He's about 9 weeks old, 14 pounds, and she said he's a German Shephard/Chow mix. Aren't we good at picking out dog breeds?! That's exactly what we were thinking. :) He got two shots, wormed, and we go back in 3 weeks. It's so much like having a baby! Only his Dr. visit cost more than the kids' ever have! YIKES!

Group is tonight at LeeAnn and Taylor's.. I can't wait! I love our small group! It's hard to find an entire group of people that you really do like, and this is one of them. I just hope our kids don't destroy their house! Apology in advance if they do guys! ;)

Well, the one week countdown is upon me. In about one week... we'll find out if this was 'the' month or not. Lord please let the time go by quickly with POSITIVE results! (tee hee)


Lou Arnold on Saturday, 17 June, 2006 said...

I hope it is positive for you sake. Good luck!!!

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