Monday, June 05, 2006


Posted by Mandy at 12:00 PM
We have our second to last Tball game tonight. We're so excited! It's the 6:30 game and it's a lot cooler at that hour than at the 5:15 one so Madison enjoys it a lot more. Now that school's out I'm really kind of bummed that Tball is finished! I guess before long it'd be too hot day and night to be outside playing tball, so maybe it's good that we're ending on a nice note!

I had such a great morning! Suzanne and the kids and LeeAnn met my kids and I at the track and we went walking. The kids ran around and played and we got to girl talk. It was such a good time and it felt really good to start the day off with exercise. I hope we can continue that on for at least a few weeks before we start getting tired of the heat. :) It's so much easier to walk WITH friends compared to doing it alone.

Well my mom has saved the day! She went to Party City in Little Rock and they do have unicorn stuff! She bought some things and I told her the other stuff I needed and she offered to go back to get it! (awesome!!) Madison is going to probably cry she'll be so excited. That girl is absolutely obsessed with ponies, unicorns, horses, etc. I hope she doesn't start wanting a real pony or horse.. that is so not going to happen! I barely think we could handle getting a dog right now, much less livestock!

I got my baby fix over the weekend! It was Clayton's gpa's 87th bday so some of the family got together at their house and my neice and nephew were there. My neice (Sarah Grace) is just 3 months old and SOOO CUTE!! She let me hold her for quite a long time and she's in the talking and cooing phase big time. She smiles so big. :) It was great to get to hold a baby. Praise the Lord for the miracles he brings us!


Suzanne on Tuesday, 06 June, 2006 said...

that's amazing - you didn't even know God had a puppy in store for you when you wrote this!!
thanks for the good time walking - two days in a row!

Mandy on Wednesday, 07 June, 2006 said...

isn't that strange how we ended up with the dog after that? God knows what we need!

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