Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Frisco! No, Major!

Posted by Mandy at 2:37 PM
We got a puppy! After almost running it over on our way home the other night, Clayton went back out on the same road in his patrol car to work overtime and heard it whining outside of his car door! So he stuck it in the car and brought him home! :) So we rescued a puppy! He's sooo cute! He appears to be some kind of chow/sheppard mix. His purple spotchy tongue indicates the chow, his long legs and HUGE pointy ears indicates sheppard.. but who knows! He's obviously a mutt but we love him already. Now to decide a name for the new arrival! Madison is determined to name him Frisco. Clayton however says no to that.. he wants to name him Major and won't let madison have her way. I'm trying to convince madison that Major is a good name... she's slowly coming around. But I, somehow, think that "frisco" might be the dog's name in the long run! I personally couldn't care less! He's my new baby until God gives me another human baby. :)

Speaking of human babies... I actually ovulated all by myself this month!! For the first time in about 2/3 months and I just cannot believe it! I was starting to feel hopeless of my body correcting itself anytime soon.. but God heard my cries! Even if I don't get pg this month... it's good to know that my body is still capable of doing this! I can already feel the testing frenzy about to overtake my life. It's going to take everything I have to not take a test every single day for a week at the end of the month! I just have so much hope for this month! Everything was just so pefect... it's hard not to get excited!

We're off to a fun filled night at the Parker's tonight! Thankfully I get the easy job of supplying drinks... Suzanne knows what jobs to give to me in times like these! :) And just an FYI: I LOVE CASTING CROWNS!! I hate to say it but in general I've just never been able to get into Christian music that much. But every single song I've heard from them I love! They're so touching and they all make me cry! I find myself listening to the christian station all of the time in hopes one of their songs will play. My favorite right now is for sure "Praise you in this Storm" b/c I can so directly relate it to our trying to get a baby journey, but "Life Song" is also very close to my top favorites list!


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