Friday, May 05, 2006

yippie... the night shift, again!

Posted by Mandy at 8:00 PM
Yes, this is the fourth month that Clayton 'gets' to work the night shift. This is the REAL night shift though... the earliest he gets to come home is 11pm.. tonight he'll be out until at least 1am, but he said it's time to work overtime, so I won't expect him until daylight if traffic is out. If you read this tonight, pray I will sleep! What's my deal.. why can't I sleep without Clayton? After all this time, all of the nights he's spent away from us, and I STILL don't sleep well without him. To be honest it seems like I've spent more nights alone than with him.. so what gives there? One day I might turn into a real grown up and be able to brave the house alone comfortably.

So I took Carter for his 2 year checkup this morning. Ugh... he's 2.. really. No longer a baby boy.. he's a big two year old. :( Time flies doesn't it?! His checkup went really well. He's 28 pounds (70% for weight) and 36 inches (90% for height) I just cannot believe he's still as big as he is. I just assumed because of how incredibly tiny Madison is that all of my children would be small. I was so very wrong! He is in great health and that's always so nice to hear. They did prick his finger to do some routine blood tests... he barely fussed but I could tell he was scared and uncomfortable. Poor thing. He HATED having the bandaid on his finger afterwards. He wore it okay until I put him in his carseat in the van.. he stuck his hand up and started to cry, "my hand! my hand! off!" Once i took it off he flipped out when he saw his blood stained finger. He kept trying to wipe it off, which hurt, and made him cry more. Needless to say he finally just fell asleep after the trauma of it all. :)

Oh, for Suzy, we got a cute bookshelf for Carter's room today! FINALLY! Clayton brought it home and I am thrilled! You are requested to come back to my house to help me figure out where the heck to put the thing!


Jennifer on Wednesday, 17 May, 2006 said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope we can keep in touch.

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