Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Posted by Mandy at 2:03 PM
Okay... I know, every mom thinks their kid is the greatest... but in my case it just happens to be the truth. ;) (just do NOT ask Matt or Suzanne how my perfect child acted the other night when they were over...) Last night's tball game was awesome!! Madison didn't complain, fuss, cry, or anything the ENTIRE game! (once she said "I'm hot... is it over?" but the game was almost over so that's a pretty good hold out!) She hit well, ran well, and had an all around good time. I'm just so happy she enjoyed it for once! She's even excited about tonight's game as well! And so am I! Clayton got suddenly switched to the DAY SHIFT so he's going to get to go to the rest of her games!!! Yippie! Thank you Lord! Okay, I'll stop squeeling about my baby girl!

So, I did finally get brave and pee on a stick, negative. Ah well, who likes those pg tests anyway?! :P Phewy on them! I'll get that positive test.. just wait and see!

An exciting note on me... since we started trying for #3 I had gained about 10 pounds.. maybe more.. I stopped weighing at 10! Well, I've been eating well and exercising again and about 4 pounds are GONE! I am SO proud of me. :) It is also nice to focus my 'free' time on something other than thinking of how much I want a baby. I guess eventually I realized that thinking about it wasn't helping... so I figure that now, when I do get pg, I"ll be one fit pg lady!

Okay, if I don't start getting kids ready for Tball we'll be late! Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


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