Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm such a chicken!

Posted by Mandy at 3:03 PM
I had decided a few days ago that today, Sunday, I would break out a pregnancy test. So I wake up this morning.. take it out of the drawer.. stare at it.. get a feeling of dread.. and put it back. Nope.. just could NOT face it today. It's a gorgeous day... Clayton is home and doesn't go back to work until Tuesday, why ruin it? Maybe I'll break down and test in two or three days.. maybe not! I don't know! I just swear I cannot handle seeing another negative test. Let's see.. averaging two tests a month, over the past 6 months, I've seen 12+ negative tests. No more!

So, we finally got the bring out the kiddie pool this afternoon!! The kids had a blast! To be honest they enjoyed spraying each other with the water hose much more than sitting and playing in the pool.. but I did get to lay out for a bit and that was nice. (I know.. I'll get skin cancer...)

Tball next week anyone? We have games Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights! What's the deal?! Who the heck made this schedule and decided, "Hey guys, wouldn't it be HILARIOUS if we make the Astro's play more than any other team in the league?!" "Great idea, let's do it!" The good news is Madison is getting really good! not at being in the outfield..she's totally clueless there.. but she made two points at our last game.. I was soooo proud! I'm so "that" mom. You know, the one that gets OVERLY excited about every single thing her kids do? I scream and cheer the entire game. (which makes madison giggle) Carter cheers too, which is so cute! So, if anyone wants to see us this week.. Wednesday night it will be! :)


R Teater said...

Hey Mandy, it's me, Rene' Teater. We have ball games M, Tu, Th and F this week also. It's crazy and fun all in one. I love watching them and this is Dalton's fourth year. It only gets more fun with each passing year. So, I may see you Wednesday night. I say we should all get together at Suzy Q's. What do you think?

Mandy on Monday, 22 May, 2006 said...

Hey Rene!!! THanks for commenting! I"d LOVE to hang out wednesday night.. I've been missing you guys! :) We just need to sign Matt and Suzy up for hosting a get together. ;)

Jacquelyn R Teater said...

OK, I'll leave you in charge of persuading them.

R Teater said...

oops, my first name is Jacquelyn and my computer fills in the name automatically. I hit enter before I thought about it.

Mandy on Tuesday, 23 May, 2006 said...

I think our get together might be a no go.. not sure! Seems like the parkers had a zillion things going, and to make things more fun Noah is puking :P

R Teater said...

O well! Hey, if you're interested, Journey will be having a cook out at the McKinstry's house Sunday about 4. If you want to go, you can follow us. Let me know.

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