Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Posted by Mandy at 8:26 PM
Okay... I miss Clayton!!! We got teased with the idea that he was coming home Thursday night to pick up uniforms but then they decided that they don't need those uniforms so he has to stay up there. :( I'm so lonely! So, I'm talking you all. This is my adult conversation for the day!

We have Tball practice tomorrow evening. I was wondering if we would since we haven't had a game in a while and our next one isn't until Monday. I would've been totally fine with no tball for a week.. but I know it'll be best to get Madison back into it before her game. We only have two games left! I thought I'd be happy for it to end but since she FINALLY is enjoying playing, I am enjoying going! Carter is free to run around quite a bit out there too so it's been pretty nice. It's always so weird to me though to see how incredibly small she looks compared to most of the boys on her team. She runs differently than they do, she throws differently than they do, she hits the ball differently than they do. I guess she does those things "like a girl"!

I am so happy that Friday is the end of our school year. Well, sort of. I have to say that when I was walking to Madison's class with Carter this afternoon, it hit me kind of hard to see the hallway walls all empty, the classrooms undecorated, and they're sending several personalized things home with Madison that I've looked at hanging at her cubby hole or taped to her spot at her table for all of these months. I am starting to feel sad that soon our days going to see Mrs. Jane and Mrs. Pam will be gone. She'll never be in preschool again.. it's all 'real' school from here on out. I have a hard time thinking I'll ever be as close to or like another teacher like I've liked her teacher now. I just pray that God puts her in the class that's best for her, with a teacher that won't be annoyed by "that" mom!

Note to all of the women out there: Don't watch the new show that's on : Swimsuit Secretes Revealed. These women are complaining about how no bathing suits look good on them.. and the majority of them are so thin and toned! gag me! I keep thinking "Who gives a crap if a bathing suit doesn't look good on you if you're a size 2 and have a six pack?" It was nice to see the few women that have had kids and had the same problems I have. :) But beware that those women were far and few between!

Okay, how random was this post? Sorry... as I said, you are my adult conversation tonight so I'm just talking about what I'd normally force my poor husband to sit and listen to!


Suzanne on Thursday, 01 June, 2006 said...

no blog tonight? your honey's home.
he he. i know what you're doing! probably as i type!

Mandy on Friday, 02 June, 2006 said...

hmm.. you posted that at 8:44pm. YOu know we don't go to bed until at least 10 ;)

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