Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I don't know

Posted by Mandy at 9:15 PM
Okay, the title "I don't know" was created b/c the blogg asked: Title... and I answered "I don't know." I'm tired.. I couldn't think of one! I haven't posted in a while and felt I should... so this might not be a great read, but you never know what my brilliant mind will spit out once it gets warmed up! ;)

For those wondering, no baby yet, we'll know if this month was the month in about a week. I suspect I will lose my brain by then. If this month wasn't it.. we'll be going forward with the HSG. I feel at peace with it. Why not? I highly doubt it will show anything to be wrong, but it will make me feel better to hear it, "nothing is wrong here." Pahleeeeeze let month 6 be the month. I cannot believe how much time has gone by since we started trying. I assumed I'd be several months along by this point of the year.. but God has other plans and I know they'll be great. (great if he'll give me a peanut THIS month that is... but that's an entirely different blogg entry)

So, my two year old boy has turned into quite the bully lately. He loves to hit anyone he can.. for any reason his little mind thinks up. Madison is his favorite target.. she screams and cries and yells at him.. but never fights back. Perfect! He gets the awesome reaction he wants, with no pain! So time outs have started at the house as a regular thing again. madison hasn't gotten a time out in months.. and before that one it was months before that. It's so weird to be starting over here again. I'm confident.. sort of.. that he'll just come out of this insane phase soon. I, of course, will be totally convinced that my amazing disciplinary actions were what caused the changed.. but in reality, I highly doubt you can change a two year old! They either are GOING to do something, or they're NOT. It's all up to them! I'm just glad he's still so darn cute.. otherwise he might really upset me. ;)


Jennifer on Thursday, 18 May, 2006 said...

For your sake I hope this is the month too. We didn't experience the terrible two's with my second child untill three almost four. And man am I going through it. Stubborn, whiney, mean, need I say more. It's so bad sometimes it is hillarious. Anyway Good Luck!!!!

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