Thursday, August 05, 2010

Samuel Wants a Baby

Posted by Mandy at 11:35 AM
This afternoon has been full of baby questions from my kids! I keep trying to remind them that the first foster child we get may NOT be a bundle of sweetness that you can wrap in a blanket and cuddle all day. None-the-less, they are suddenly baby-crazy!

"Can I hold the baby?!"
"Can the baby sleep in my room?!"
"Can I feed him bottles?!"

To my shock, my most baby-obsessed child is my youngest. Mr. Baby himelf, Samuel. I decided to take this interest and run with it.. why not have some fun and learn some baby basics while he's in the mood, right?

We wrapped up a favorite toy turtle as our baby. Madison said, "I hope the babies we get are prettier than that turtle.." Yes, I'm doing a fine job of teaching her what's really important in life. Thank you very much.

He loves "feeding" his baby.

He loved burping the baby!

Other moments I failed to capture were walking around the house patting the baby on the back while saying, "Shhh.. it's okay baby..." and putting the baby in the bassinet. Super cute!

Madison said she's practice with her real baby - Cooper. He's spoiled absolutely rotten!

Maybe we should start practicing what to do when a 2 year old has a meltdown, or a 6 year old for that matter. I'm pretty sure my kids would be in shock to see that... but I've assured them it will happen. So we should ALL get ready!


Anonymous said...

That is adorable! My two year old got VERY into babies at the end of my pregnancy and wanted to do so much "helping" with Avery when she was first born. It was both cute and a pain in the butt!

Liz on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

You are so right! Take the opportunity and roll with it!

I'll have to say I love you in a song... on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

This is a cute post! You could borrow my 1 or 3 year old for a day and they can learn how kids really are! lol.. we're in tantrum city lately!

Mandy on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

lol Oh trust me.. my 3 year old knows how to throw a good tantrum.. it would be seeing an older child do it that would shock them.

When we watch Supernanny and kids my older kids' ages act like that they just stare in shock... "why are they doing that?"

Beachcomber on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

Aww that is so sweet. A good learning experience.

Funky Mama Bird on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

That is so hysterically cute. Love it. And yeah, you way want to prepare them for an older "baby" as well!

Reagan on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...


Nina @ Momma Go Round on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

That is so sweet! It's precious to see how excited they are getting and that they want to help!

Mommy2Four on Thursday, 05 August, 2010 said...

That's so cute!

I have trouble teaching my nine year old the difference between Baby Alive and A Live Baby.....

Our Mantra... "Love the Baby... Do Not Maul the Baby"

Your kids are adorable!

Christine:) on Friday, 06 August, 2010 said...

Your kids are so cute- I love those pictures. Checking you out from MckMama's BF community- thanks for your discussion with some of my questions- looking forward to getting to know you better:)

Teri on Friday, 06 August, 2010 said...

Cute story. Bless you for fostering!

Ray on Friday, 06 August, 2010 said...

lol! :)

(found you through Mckmama's blog frog)

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