Monday, August 09, 2010

Bad Mommy Rehab

Posted by Mandy at 11:28 AM
Hello, my name is Mandy, and I'm a Mommy Guilt-oholic.

But, I'm in rehab - if only for today.

Every Monday feel free to join in with Mommy Rehab! We spend enough time bashing ourselves, feeling guilty over every little thing, and comparing ourselves to other moms. Just for today, let's say one good mommy moment we've had!

I had a good mommy moment this morning. Go me!

It started with no less than 30 minutes of total "in-your-face" time with the kids. I admit that I planned this super-awesome quality time because I needed no less than 30 minutes of "not in my face" time to follow. I have all kinds of facts and quotes to sort through to write my next article. I have enough trouble with my train of thought derailing without having my shoulder tapped every 2 minutes.

So, what's the good mommy moment you're wondering?

Midway through reading a very important sheet for work, and just getting my wheels a'turnin as to how I'd present all of this stuff in a good read.... tap, tap, tap.

"Moomeeee...???" - Samuel (3yr old)

"Yeeesssss??" - Me

"Will you please read me this book?" - Samuel

I took a moment, fought my annoyance with the interruption, and said, "Well... okay!"

One book turned into about 15 (yes, really) and we had a grand time snuggling on the couch. He's so darn cute. :)

So - I put my sweetie-pie above some really important work today. Go me! Can't always do that... I do believe in teaching kids that the world doesn't revolve around them, but for today it just felt like the perfect time to abandon work to cuddle with my little guy.

Read the origin of this movement on B in Real Life! Get involved! Let's put an end to the mommy guilt!


Nina @ Momma Go Round on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

That's awesome! It's so easy to get wrapped up in whatever else is going on and forget that our kids are only little for a short while. Soon they won't want us to read them 15 books. GO MANDY!

Brooke on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

Go you!!!! That's a touching story, thanks for sharing and encouraging me to take a little extra 'play' time with the girls today.

Thanks for joining in on the fun :)

Sandy on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

Don't you LOVE how one book turns into MANY books!??!?! Oh well, I'm always a sucker for a little extra cuddle time with my boys.

Mom of these kids on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

My good mommy moment was the fact that I ran errands with my kids from 8 am -3 pm today and did not get angry at them once! :)

Liz on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

i don't mind reading books as long as they are little kid books that i like. i admit that there are a couple books that i make them put down and choose something else because i can't stand reading them.

Reagan on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

Great idea. My great mom moment was explaining to M.E. that there are dwarfs--now drawers--named Dopey, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy ... :)

Teri on Monday, 09 August, 2010 said...

My one and only is almost 17, so my guilt revolves around him not always having the latest, most expensive gadgets. I swear between cell phones and video game stuff, it cost a small fortune to raise a kid nowadays. Usually, I realize it's good for him not to always have every little thing that his friends do, but sometimes, I feel guilty about it.

All Doll(ed) Up on Tuesday, 10 August, 2010 said...

found you from linking also with B- it is amazing how simple stopping and reading is- byt man it makes a difference. I am bad about this- thanks for encouraging me to do so today! way to go!

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